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Hydrinodollars! Welcome to the hydrino economy planet Earth!

“I saw this one coming a fucking mile away! Pardon my French. You know why? When you truly understand what ‘money’ is… what it’s true purpose and function is… you know that ‘money’ is the resistor to the amount of the Suns energy in human society (the amount of any stars energy in any planetary society)… and like I said…
“for the first time in human history, the power of the Sun has been brought down to Planet Earth”
… .. saw this one coming a mile away! 😉

Randy Mills
Sep 25 7:09 PM

You are missing the point. Bitcoin does not have any value. Its only utility is that it facilities transactions. There is nothing backing it. Hydrinodollars would be backed by assets, the hydrino technology IP rights, worth potentially hundreds of trillions of real dollars. Hydrinodollars would be worth their face value in hydrino kWhs. That value can be exchanged for goods and services or traded for other currencies. The money supply would be limited by the total value of hydrino technology which in time could be more than all the current total wealth in the world. This scenario is much better than gold or US government back currencies due to the lesser total wealth securing the currencies in the latter cases…

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