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‘Too Close To the Sun’ – 1994 BBC Horizon featuring Dr Randell Mills

“Icarus flew too close to the sun, but at least he flew.”

I personally contacted the BBC on two occasions on 2016 and 2017, in regards to making a BBC Horizon documentary (superb documentary television series),  on the work of Dr Randell Mills, Brilliant Light Power and his ‘hydrino’ theory. The response was ‘we have never heard of Dr Randell Mills or his theory’… I had to correct them and kindly inform them that in fact Mills was featured on the show in 1994 in the episode ‘Too Close To the Sun’. An episode investigating the science and theories surrounding the infamous ‘Cold Fusion’ phenomenon (Pons and Fleischman). Although Mills has ALWAYS stated that his hydrino theory is NOT ‘Cold Fusion’, he appeared on the episode to propose his alternative explanation to the excess heat results that where (and still are) recorded in laboratories around the world. I personally believe, like many of Mills’ supporters, that the excess heat results recorded in numerous ‘Cold Fusion’ experiments around the world to this day, are in fact a form of ‘hydrino’ reaction taking place, but because the theories behind Cold Fusion are incorrect, and thus not replicable, it has sadly been ignored and dismissed as ‘fringe science’.
NOTE – Dr Mills has NEVER claimed ‘Cold Fusion’. Although many attempts have been made to link his work to the theory, he has always stated that it is NOT a Cold Fusion reaction, or even any sort of nuclear reaction that is taking place, but in fact a form of chemical catalyst (i.e. hydrino)

horizon randell mills
A younger Dr Randell Mills appearing on BBC Horizon in 1994, to give his alternate theory on the Cold Fusion phenomena (i.e. hydrino)

It is worth watching the entire documentary to get a perspective of the Cold Fusion story, but skip to 21.17 for the brief interview of Randell Mills.

“So the BBC are prepared to entertain us with necro, paedo serial sex offender Sir Jimmy Saville for fifty years… but try getting them to do ONE Horizon documentary on the greatest scientific discovery of our age!”
“Let it go Danny Boy… let it go!”

GUT-CP, hydrino

What is ‘hydrino’ energy? What is The Grand Unified Theory Of Classical Physics?

The term ‘hydrino’ energy has been coined by Dr Randell Mills of Brilliant Light Power, to describe the lower than ground state of hydrogen, that he has not only discovered, but has utilised in developing an extraordinary energy source never before witnessed in nature.

Mills’ theory, called The Grand Unified Theory Of Classical Physics (GUT-CP), was developed in 1989. Mills’ first publication was 1990 entitled The Grand Unified Theory, but has been developed, tweaked, and expanded upon into the present GUT-CP. In short, he has gone back to the Bohr model of the atom 1913, and used Classical Laws to solve the structure of atom. In Mills model the electron exists not as a point charge of mass radiating around the nucleus (planetary model), but as a spherical membrane shell of charge surrounding the nucleus of an atom (dubbed ‘the electron orbitsphere’). GUT-CP has been found to be more accurate than Quantum Mechanics in calculating both ground and excited states of hydrogen, helium, & others, and expanded to account for almost all atoms and molecules.
Mills has discovered that the electron in a hydrogen atom CAN fall to lower state of orbit with certain catalysts in a resonant coupling reaction (thus being a chemical reaction), at integer fractions of the ground state radius (1/2, 1/3, 1/4 continuing all the way to 1/137). Each reaction releases energy in the form of light, and each integer releases more energy than the previous in multiples of 27.2 electron volts per atom. Thus 1/3 hydrino releases 54.4, 1/4 hydrino releases 81.6 and so on until at 1/137 hydrino state 3,699.2 eV is released!

Image taken from, The Grand Unified Theory OF Classical Physics
Diagram of the Electron Orbitsphere taken from ‘Randell Mills and the Search for Hydrino Energy’ (Brett Holverstott), Illustration Matt Schmidt

Obviously this goes against everything that Quantum Physicists tell us about the atom and the electron, but Niels Bohr NEVER gave a full satisfactory explanation as to why the hydrogen could not fall below it’s ‘ground state’. The problem of radiation had plagued 20th century physics ever since.

To be continued…

GUT-CP, hydrino

BOOK – ‘Randell Mills and the Search for Hydrino Energy’ – Brett Holverstott


If anyone is new to this story, to the work of Randell Mills, maybe unfamiliar or layman in regards to physics (I’m no physicist by trade!), I highly recommend the book ‘Randell Mills and the Search for Hydrino Energy’ by Brett Holverstott.

As quickly as possible, because I’ve noticed the price is increasing (currently priced at $200, I bought two copies for $20 each?). Regardless, this is the best book to start off with the subject. Brett Holverstott is a former student of Mills, who has authored an easy to read, easy to grasp account of the story of Mills, and a simplified detail of the science and theories involved, making it accessible to anyone with even a rudimentary understanding of science, technology, history…
Holverstott also has a superb blog to accompany the title at…
This blog details the discovery, summarises the ‘Unified theory’, and attempts to explain how such a monumental and validated discovery is still on the fringe of mainstream science… essentially explaining just how and when 20th century physicists made the mistakes that led to todays conundrum of ‘Quantum Mechanics’. As a former student of Mills, he is one of the few who took the academic risk of actually reading his into work, but was rewarded with not only knowing him personally, but working first hand with possibly the greatest mind of age.
Highly recommended! (and as noted, the price seems to going up!)

Holverstott has also given a superb lecture in Seattle on the subject, in Nov 2016…