Erm… No I’m not wearing a mask! Ever…

Maybe when I’m attending an Illuminati sex party, when invited by SΓ©golΓ¨ne Royal. πŸ˜‰

But in Sainsbury’s… no. Not a fucking cats chance in hell.

People looking at me like I’m a piece of shit… I’m like… πŸ€”…

“You’re the same people that just allowed decades of child sex abuse to be covered up (and to continue)… I hope you all die of COVID-19, AIDS, syphillis, the bubonic plague and herpes… at the same time… With cancer of the brain”

Fuck out of here with a mask… Half a bottle of Famous Grouse please!


‘COVID-19’ has kicked martial arts/self defence training square in the balls… Do what I’ve done! πŸ˜ƒ… ” Going Underground!” πŸ˜„

One of my martial arts instructors (a Jew) has become so Nazified with his club, it is unbearable. I feel physically sick just reading the document! (Considering Krav Maga was developed to fight fascism in Europe!)… My Filipino instructor is a bit more laid back… we can drill sticks and knives… my main guy is just like…

“What is the fucking point? No chance of any training until social distancing is removed”

(unfortunately he’s a police officer by day, so he can’t break the law)

Me? I’m putting together my own thing! Fuck ’em!

Now is the time to go underground, to experiment with different arts, styles and techniques… no instructor… a group of like minded individuals, from different backgrounds, still eager to train (the hardcore types)… You can present a problem… for example grappling or the street fight grab… everyone chips in with their own experience, their own views, their own approach to solving the problem (again style, technique, build, experience etc.)… You pressure test it, you drill it, you find what works best for you… listen to other people’s methods, try it, maybe so, maybe not… if it’s not successful 80/90% of the time in training, it’s not successful 50% of the time in reality.

Again… Krav Maga is a crock of shit. (Sorry!)

I recommend everyone study it for a year, take what they can from it… cross train in other martial arts/self defence disciplines, just to see how, where and why it fails much of the time in real life.

Build your foundation on Krav Maga… Knock it down and build it again using Filipino, Muay Thai, BJJ, Burmese Dirty Boxing (Lewi?)… Even standard boxing.

French silat… fucking 13th century Fiore dei Liberi sword fighting!


If he’s good enough, and knows his shit… He shouldn’t have to!

“That works. I know it works because Ive pressure tested it thousands of times. I’ve used it in real life… Try something different, see what happens!”

This evening we did grappling and street fight grabs…

  1. Grab flesh! I’ve never been taught that in Krav, my Filipino instructor kindly demonstrated it to me. Grab the flesh under the arm, kidney area… it fucking hurts! It shocks someone, people don’t make good decisions when in pain (pinchey pain, not punchey pain… If you know what I mean)… They back off, let go, disengage… You now have distance, time, decision making…
  2. Check the grabbing hand… That’s it! Check it and that’s all! No ten different grips and methods to get them off… Check it, it’s controlled… They have one weapon less for you to worry about… That simple!
  3. Footwork (always)… Off the channel in a V formation… Or of too late reaction, simple 90 degree pivot.
  4. framing (I love framing off because you can forearm to the neck, and elbow to the jaw/face)… Simple elbow guards are maybe proficient enough (you can always still follow up with an elbow to side of the head)

What I’m trying to get at is… if you’ve had good enough training, good instructors, from different style and arts… now’s the time to test it without them!

Get a load of guys together, bring a problem to the table and test it, discuss it, test it, drill it…

Not having an instructor maybe a good thing for a while.


Hey, I would rather be ‘Satanic’… Than to be this incredibly fucking stupid! πŸ˜†πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

I can’t believe this… I honestly cannot beleive the stupidity I am witnessing on a global scale! πŸ˜†πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ The Bible? Nostradamus?… No one could have predicted just how fucking stupid humanity would become, in a matter of months.

“an epoch will come, when they disclaim kinship from us, as we disclaimed kinship with the monkeys”

It’s like Star Wars, on a really shitty budget…

Absolutely no chance we’re the same species.


‘Pussy, Ayahuasca and sword fighting!’… Reincarnation.

Sword fighting is probably the most profound experience I’ve ever had. It takes it toll on me, not physically, but mentally and ‘spiritually’ so to speak.

People find meditation, or yoga… nothing is as relaxing or as natural to me, as going down to the beach and practising sword fighting. It’s like a drug to me, and I have a baaaaaad come down off it!

I’m questioning reincarnation. I know people who explore the concept of reincarnation with Ayahausca (or psilocybin)… Use these substances to explore past lives, and heal past traumas… It’s not something I’ve really contemplated until now.

Three profound and life changing experiences in my life this far…

Making love.

First Ayahuasca breakthrough.

Sword fighting.

(Possibly horse riding? But that’s a blast!)

I am having trouble integrating or understanding sword fighting.

As much as I love it, and am truly skilled at it… I go down to the beach before sunset (as asked to by local police πŸ˜†), I drill and practise for an hour or two… But once I finish, I am so ‘lost’… Like it’s just taken a piece of my soul.

This is most definitely something I would want to work with/ask when I’m next working with Ayahausca.

Do we reincarnate here on Earth? Do we bring past lives/ traumas with us into a new life? How are we suppose to heal them?

This is some really profound fucking shit I have to deal with here! πŸ˜„