“For the first time in human history, the power of the Sun has been brought down to planet Earth” – Danny Hurley 2016

Quite simply, has Dr Randell Mills of Brilliant Light Power, overturned almost a hundred years of Quantum Physics, and in the process unlocked an extraordinary clean, safe, limitless, non-polluting energy source, dubbed ‘hydrino’ energy? If his theory, which he has labelled The Grand Unified Theory Of Classical Physics (GUT-CP) is correct, it WILL be the most monumental scientific discovery of our age, and will launch humankind into a new technological golden age.

It will overturn almost hundred years of Quantum Physics (post 1926 Schrodinger), will have profound implications on our understanding of molecular physics, the Universe (space, time & gravity), chemistry, biology (DNA)… it will lead to new discoveries in every field of science, and create technologies humankind can only dream of.

It will foremost give humanity an extraordinary clean, cheap,safe, non-polluting energy source that will transform our civilisation, and our planet… a new technological golden age that could take us to the stars.

We will explore the scientific and technological implications, the geo-political implications, and also the philosophical implications of such monumental discovery, a new understanding of our reality and our place in the Universe… and how mainstream science made such a huge mistake.

“The biggest discovery since fire” – Danny Hurley 2016electricity-1