Watching Batman Begins is probably one of the most profound and spiritual experiences I’ve ever had!… The Dark Kinght Trilogy are the greatest movies ever made.

I dreamt the entire movie… and sat down and watched it, completely flabbergasted… Could not beleive in a million years what I was watching! (God’s honest truth)

We can discuss whether Bruce Wayne is actually the hero or the villain… How in each of the movies, Batman does battle with an aspect of himself (especially The Joker… Who’s ex CIA)… The psychology behind it all….

The greatest movies ever made! Without a shadow of a doubt! 👌


That’s because ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls… Boris Johnson and Dominic Cummings would rather have me on they’re team… Than the Chief of SIS (former Chief of SIS)

Congratulations Roger Moore!… Richard Moore?

So your grandad was IRA was he?… Moore’s a Catholic name, Catholic schooling?

Yeah the only problem I have (and my friends) is SIS, British military, seem to be cosying up to Turkey. That worries some of us… I’ve mentioned it before, the Chief Of Staff having a meeting with Turkeys top military commander in London (2016?), a number of low level SIS operatives working hand in hand with Turkish media (intelligence)… And now Moore (as much as we welcome him after that complete cock Younger)… … As someone who first and foremost answers to The State Of Israel… This is slightly… ‘Confusing’? (Refrain from being ‘worried’)