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Randell Mills could pave the way for intergalactic travel! (gravity and electromagnetism, ‘pseudo- electrons’, ‘the fifth force’… the BEGINNING of anti-gravity )

“It’s only the beginnings of anti-gravity technology… anti-gravity in it’s infancy… Mills has spent twenty years almost single headedly developing a brand new energy source, with almost no help from mainstream science…  but the theory for anti-gravity is there! It’s waiting to be developed… to be deployed!  😀
He has an unlimited energy source from the hydrogen atom, he has vast unknown compounds and materials with unknown properties yet to be fully understood and tested… and he has the beginnings of anti-gravity… … if you aren’t unbelievably turned on right now you must an absolute f*****g… Klingon!”

“Oh and he has his theories on Artificial Intelligence also! BOOM!”

“That is the logo it would have to have! And the first of the fleet would have to be named The Starship Mills! 😀 The second would be The Starship Holverstott”… “The Starship Woolsey?”… “Well that’s up to him innit!” ;D

Apparatus and method for providing an antigravitational force (1995)
A method for producing an antigravitational force comprises an electron source (100) including electrons (113), an electron guide (109) for forming the electrons (113) to be negative curvature; the gravitation body (113) is comprised of matter of positive curvature where opposite curvatures provide a mutually repulsive antigravitational force. The electrons (113) are given negative curvature of an electron beam (113) from atoms such that negatively curved electrons (113) emerge. The emerging beam of negatively curved electrons (113) experience an antigravitational force. The antigravitational force of the electron beam (113) is transferred to a negative charged plate (121)

Fifth-force apparatus and method for propulsion (2007)
B64G1/00 Cosmonautic vehicles
B64G1/22 Parts of, or equipment specially adapted for fitting in or to, cosmonautic vehicles
B64G1/40 Arrangements or adaptations of propulsion systems
B64G1/409 Unconventional spacecraft propulsion systems
BE IT KNOWN THAT Randell Lee Mills, a citizen of the United States of America and resident of Princeton, New Jersey has invented a certain new and useful improvement in FIFTH-FORCE APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR PROPULSION of which the following is a specification:
BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention:
This invention relates to methods and apparatus for providing propulsion, in particular methods and apparatus for providing propulsion using a scattered electron beam at specific energies to create a fifth force on said electrons.

Oct 22, 2007
A method and means to produce a force for propulsion comprises a source of electrons and a means to produce hyperbolic electrons; whereas, a gravitating body such as the Earth provides a repulsive fifth force on the hyperbolic electrons. Hyperbolic electrons are produced by elastically scattering the electrons of an electron beam from atoms or molecules at specific energies. The emerging beam of hyperbolic electrons experiences a fifth force away from the Earth, and the beam moves upward (away from the Earth). To use this invention for propulsion, the repulsive fifth force on the hyperbolic-electron beam is transferred to a negatively charged plate. The Coulombic repulsion between the beam of hyperbolic electrons and the negatively charged plate causes the plate (and anything connected to the plate) to lift. The craft may additionally gain angular momentum from the fifth force along an axis defined by the gravitational force, and the craft may be tilted to move the vector away from the axis such that a component of acceleration tangential to the surface of a gravitating body is achieved via conservation of the angular momentum.


NOTE: This is only a theory, and has yet to be tested. The foundations for future research have been laid by Mills’ GUT-CP, but as of yet Randell Mills has concentrated specifically on hydrino research. He’s saved the planet with hydrino energy, and laid the foundation for future intergalactic explorers… 😀

I shall return to update this post, but in short Mills has a theory of harnessing ‘the fifth force’. His theory has from the beginning talked about the connection between gravity and electromagnetism, and he theorises that a ‘pseudo-electron’ could be created that will repel gravitational forces. In 2015, Mills performed an experiment indicating the existence of ‘pseudo-electrons’ at precisely the energies predicted. Mills calculations derived the strength of ‘the fifth force’ to be around one trillion times than Earth’s gravity.

Photos from 2006 (SIGNED!) edition of The Grand Unified Theory Of Classical Quantum Mechanics (Blacklight Power)The title is now The Grand Unified Theory Classical Physics (Brilliant Light Power), and a free updated version can be download at

Randell Mills and The Search for Hydrino Energy (Brett Holverstott)

Chapter 35. The Fifth Force
Page 1557

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Brilliant Light Power’s December 16th, 2016 London, UK Roadshow (OI! ‘GREAT’ BRITAIN!)

“Well, Professor Brian Cocks should go back to playing the fucking keyboard then!… NO I’M NOT PLAYING D-REAM!… going with The Clash thankyou very fucking much.”

Note to reader. Please kindly ignore this rant if you are not British.
(well? :/ Please read, but this post is only aimed directly at the British!)
I don’t wish to make this into a political or nationalistic thing… but seriously ‘Great’ Britain! :/ What the fuck? Today I started re-reading Randell Mills and the Search for Hydrino Energy (Brett Holverstott), and Genius Inventor – The controversy about the work of Randell Mills, America’s Newton in historical and contemporary context (Thomas E. Stolper)… in a few weeks I am going to attempt to read The Grand Unified Theory Of Classical Physics for the first time (which some are comparing to Sir Isaac Newtons ‘The Principia’)
I was born British, I wanted to serve my country and yet some question my loyalty?… I QUESTION YOUR STUPIDITY! Where is everyone on this truly monumental and ground breaking discovery? Oxford? Cambridge?… Saint Andrews? :/ BBC? MI6? (I have to say it!) The Guardian? The British scientific establishment? Scientific publications? The British entrepreneurs willing to take a risk?… the Great British philosophers and inventors that once helped make these tiny isles the mighty empire that ruled one quarter of the world?
I started the “British ‘Hydrino’ Physics Study Group”, we have twelve members, and only one of those really understands the historical importance of Mills and GUT-CP (and he’s hardly British!)
My readership is from US, Venezuela, Poland, Italy, Luxemburg, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, India… my first two visitors where from Israel 😉 … honestly Britain!

and I understand some people in the financial City Of London are going to be slightly worried at the talk of ‘hydrinodollars‘, but hey a lot of people stand to lose… Russia, China, Saudis, BP!… just get with the programme team GB!

“Are you drunk?”
“Noooooo! Just Royally pissed off at the seeming lack of interest from this once great nation!”

Brilliant Light Power presented its DC Roadshow event in London, UK on December 16th. The company presented the time line from inception and pivotal breakthroughs that were essential to the development of the SunCell, the SunCell® commercial prototype design, SunCell® commercialization timetable and Go-To-Market strategy to an audience of partners, customers and suppliers.

“What a fucking useless knob clown this one is… seems his taste in music is about as good as his theoretical physics… He’ll get a bloody Knighthood next!… You watch!”

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The Philosophical Corruption of Physics Part II (“… NO-ONE EXPECTS THE MILLSIAN INQUISITION!”)



“All I said was ‘I don’t think Niels Bohr gave twentieth century physics a satisfactory explanation as to why the electron of a hydrogen atom cannot fall into a lower state of orbit’… I didn’t expect a sort of Spanish Inquisition.”
“NO-ONE EXPECTS THE MILLSIAN INQUISITION! Our three chief weapons are instant surprise trolling, slander, ridicule and an almost fanatical devotion to Quantum Mechanics… four chief weapons! Our four chief weapons are instant surprise trolling, slander, ridicule, an almost fanatical devotion to Quantum Mechanics and an unsatisfactory explanation as to why the hydrogen atom cannot fall into a lower state of orbit. FIVE CHIEF WEAPONS! Our five chief weapons are instant surprise trolling, slander, ridicule, an almost fanatical devotion to Quantum Mechanics, an unsatisfactory explanation as to why the hydrogen atom cannot fall into a lower state of orbit, and an almost unbelievably absurd interpretation of something that never really was a scientific experiment to begin with!… DAMN IT! Six chief weapons of attack… I’ll start again.”
“Erm? :/ … all I said was ‘I don’t think Niels Bohr ever gave twentieth century physics a satisfactory explanation as to why the electron of a hydrogen atom cannot fall into a lower state of orbit’… er… I didn’t expect a sort of Spanish Inquisition.”
“NO-ONE EXPECTS THE MILLSIAN INQUISITION! Our six chief weapons are… instant surprise trolling on any online scientific publication that mention Randell Mills, slander, ridicule, an almost fanatical devotion to Quantum Mechanics, an unsatisfactory explanation as to why the electron of a hydrogen atom cannot fall into a lower state of orbit, an unbelievably absurd interpretation of something that was never really a scientific experiment to begin with and… an over reliance on overly complicated mathematical formulae that can no longer be used to express the observations being made in physics or cosmology or even REALITY!… … DAMN IT!”


Some recent scientific publications in the field of cosmology… and some comments from ‘The Millsian Inquisition!’

Parker Solar Probe and the curious case of the hot corona (

What is Dark Matter? Even the Best Theories Are Crumbling (Discover Magazine)

Bump on a plot from Chandra X-ray observatory reveals excess of X-rays, hinting at dark matter (

Anyhoo… if you haven’t listened to David Harrimans lecture ‘The Philosophical Corruption of Physics’, I highly recommend. It is exceptionally insightful and enlightening, detailing how the mistakes of 20th century Quantum Mechanics can be traced back to the philosophies of Immanuel Kant, the 18th century modern philosopher who completely rejected Newtonian physics… which in turn led to the German Romanticists… which in turn led to the German Physicists of late 19th century/early 20th century (Mach, Heisenberg, Schrodinger, Bohr) rejecting laws of identity and causality… essentially rejecting observation… relying upon the results being interpreted from pre-constructed mathematical formulae (instead of mathematical formulas being constructed from the results!)… … in short Quantum Physics derived from the culture of German ‘nihilism’… the same culture that gave rise to Heideggers Existentialism and Nazi Germany (and also Freudian psychology!)…

and in the 21st century, Quantum Physics is regarded as ‘the most successful scientific theory ever developed’ … apparently! :/


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ARTICLE – State “by hydrino”: the energy revolution that we missed (Center for Strategic Assessment and Forecasts – Russian Scientists)

The following article is taken from Center for Strategic Assessment and forecasts (13-05-2014). As usual with the Russkies, the translation is little shaky… but they know what’s going on!

“The centre of strategic estimations and forecasts (further – the Center) is created in February, 2012 on the basis of creative group of the Russian scientists, is the Russian non-governmental organisation – the exploratory centre in the field of foreign policy and a security policy. The bulk of works of the centre (especially in the field of information security, problems of the informational society and modern military art) is connected with activity of one of founders of the Center, Dr. Grinjaev Sergey Nikolaevich. The legal status of the Center – the independent noncommercial organisation. It is founded by physical persons, citizens of the Russian Federation. The centre is the network scientifically-methodical organisation, and in the capacity of the basic form of the activity uses work in virtual network communities of experts.”

State “by hydrino”: the energy revolution that we missed


This event was long-awaited. Back in 2005 the scientific and the business community is disturbed by reports that a Randy mills, the head of the company Blacklight Power (BLP) has opened a new, virtually inexhaustible source of cheap energy, associated with the transfer of hydrogen in a new, previously unknown to science low-energy state called “hydrino”. “Financial times” in an article entitled “the Atomic bomb, rassypuha scientific world” is pretty accurately reflected the effect of the work of mills. He swung not only on energy, proposing a method of obtaining energy at a price one hundred times lower than the currently existing, but on the very foundations of modern physics and quantum mechanics.
“Nonsense,” said influential skeptics, “fractional quantum States of hydrogen atom”. The scientific world did not accept the work of mills, says Wikipedia. And yet to dismiss the sensation could not – after three years of his revolutionary theory was confirmed by practice: was built the first prototype of the reactor that worked on “fuel” from water, and in couple of months Blacklight Power has attracted investment of $ 60 million. In October 2008, “wall Street journal” told about a new company’s success – were built two reactors, 1 and 50 kilowatts, which have been successfully tested at the University of Rowan. Report on the testing of the plant, struck the scientific world, went to “si-EN-EN”.
What happened next, everyone knows the economic crisis broke out, and the young company had hard times. From 30 people in the company (which is more correctly called a private research Institute), left 22. However, as time went on, and appeared more and more work and development confirming the opening of the mills. Rose firms operating in the same direction: from California Brillouin, Leonardo Corp of Italian Andrea Rossi and Defkalion the Greek.

From cold fusion to LENR and hydrino

All of them, though not offer a “fuel from water” work in the same direction, which we often (and mistakenly) referred to as “cold fusion, and only sometimes – the English acronym LENR, “low energy nuclear reactions”, or “cold fusion”, i.e. “cold fusion”. After Fleischmann and Pons announced their discovery of the possibilities of cold fusion reactions, it has been 25 years, and much has changed – came a better understanding and more accurate terminology, and, finally, commercially viable technologies.
I must say, the enterprises working in the field of LENR has made remarkable progress. If the current sources of energy require significant investments, fixed costs, environmentally harmful, and organize themselves around powerful groups of specific interests, new sources of energy much cheaper and safer. For example, E-Cat Andrea Rossi with a capacity of 5 KW can fit on the table without emitting any greenhouse gases or radioactive waste and runs on fuel element, the size of the battery that should be replaced every weather.
Leonardo Corp recently sold the license to produce their plants firm Industrial Heat involved in the introduction of new technologies. In a special press release this company, issued January 24, says that the world needs a new, clean and efficient source of cheap energy. This technology will improve the standard of living in developing countries, and reduce pressure on the environment. “Our goal is to make this technology widely available.”
Competitors of Andrea Rossi also does not stand still. The California company Brillouin has signed several multimillion contracts for supply of its installations, including in South Korea. Given the well-known ability of residents of South-East Asia to adopt foreign technology, with no doubt protected by copyright, and energy hunger in China, the consequences of such transactions it is easy to predict.
However, despite all the successes of alternative energy, the scientific mainstream “in emphasis does not see” new technologies – the leading scientific journals of the West is still flatly refuse to accept for publication a scientific article, going in the wrong direction. This, in turn, increases konspirologichesky sentiment in public and suspicion of the existence of oil and gas mafia, actively lobbying for their interests among the scientific community. And these suspicions must be said, are not unfounded…
And again – the bombshell: BLP announced the demonstration on 28 January a new installation. At this time, the reactor power is a good 10 Megawatts, enough to light 10 thousand apartments. The orchestra presents a device installed and how it works. Published and patents to develop (they are in Russian language – “Method and device for converting matter into energy and energy into matter”, (Patent RU 2180458)).
The description of the essence of a patent can cause stuttering not only by professors of physics, but also school teachers of chemistry. “The invention relates to methods and apparatus for releasing energy from hydrogen atoms (molecules) as their electrons are impacted with a view to their transfer to lower energy levels, with smaller radii (smaller values of the major and minor semi-axes), rather than in the ground state (the so-called “hydrino” – ed.), by providing energy sinks or methods to remove energy resonant with the frequency emitted by the electron energy, with the aim to stimulate these transitions according to modern atomic theory.”
Whether the authors of the patent of the Russian poor inventors would not see them patent, as their ears. But Western secured and uncles had to make concessions, Tisnov in the text is completely unnecessary here, “according to modern atomic theory.” That’s the problem – in the modern theory of “hydrino” mills is not fit. He is the Creator of its own. In this theory it stands out among the theoretical developments of the creators of LENR technology. Apparently, the reaction in which the plants operate mills are not even to low-energy nuclear as a peculiar class of strong chemical reactions that were previously unknown.

Portrait of “Einstein of the 21st century”

It is impossible not to sympathize with the skeptics: shrug mills did not succeed because he is a prominent theoretical physicist. In 1999 he published a fundamental work on quantum mechanics – “unified theory of classical quantum mechanics”, and in 2011 – an impressive three-volume “the United theory of classical physics” (although it is not translated into Russian, but is in the public domain). However, when you cannot refute, it is possible not to pay attention – his work has the scientific world is trying hard not to notice.
The mills theory does not introduce any exotic essence of the “Higgs boson”. In fact, it relies on one new thing – the idea of the electron, which considers not point wave-particle, and particle of an infinite number of rotating spheres. How here not to remember worn in Soviet times, Lenin said that the electron is as inexhaustible as the atom. Amazing, but true – since Lenin’s idea of the electron has not changed. Starting from this modest starting point, and gradually developing it, a new theory solves a lot of problems, pursuing physics for decades – the so-called problem of the energy balance of the Sun, the problem of dark matter, and previously inexplicable moments in the spectra of radiation of atoms. Finally, the theory of mills restores to quantum mechanics the principle of causality, ridding it of the theory of probability and become literally a byword of corpuscular-wave dualism.
The prediction of a new, virtually inexhaustible source of cheap energy, it is a bonus of the new theory – but what! The value obtained when the hydrogen in hydrino energy is about 100 times lower than traditional technology, and the fuel source is ordinary water.
The Randall mills as little like a self-taught – he is a man with three degrees (the medic, chemist and electrical engineer) the most prestigious American universities – Harvard and mit. Definitely, he is one of the most knowledgeable people in the industry.
Last, but not least, it’s a human quality. To be honest, many prominent scientists and inventors were a people with a complex character that prevented them to realize their ideas. Fortunately, Randall mills was a man of friendly and sociable, and thanks to the Board of Directors of BLP gathered brilliant professionals with impeccable reputation. Among them – Michael Jordan, former CEO of Westinghouse, and Shelby brewer, chief nuclear scientist in the Reagan administration.
Unfortunately, in the perception of the scientific community even the most fruitful theories are no miracles – as was noted by Thomas Kuhn, theories replace each other only with the change of generations of scientists themselves. As science strives for novelty, in fact, no one really likes revolutionary theories. Given that the book mills theory, outlining the hypothesis of the existence of hydrino, was released in 1992, and experimental confirmation – in 2008, I would venture to suggest that at least a minimal chance for the Nobel prize he will appear not earlier than years through five.
The consequences of the energy revolution
Even with the big delay, but the information about breakthrough in the field of energy technology and entered the post-Soviet space. On 12 January published an open letter to a prominent journalist Maxim Kalashnikov President Putin, “We need nuclear project-2”.
“We will try to outline the threat to the Russian Federation of development in the world of this new “pocket” nuclear energy LENR. Do it for yourself, for your brains, citizen Putin, government officials and “academics”, count we cannot”, he writes.
In a rather colorful expressions Kalashnikov paints a picture of what is happening, coming to the conclusion that the coming “crash of the oil economy means the collapse and most dangerous crisis of countries such as Russia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf monarchies. (In Russia on the collapse of “Gazprom” and oil companies will overlap the collapse of Rosatom). Dramatically poorer Islamic world, will cease feeding his extremism and terrorism oil sheikhs. In the Islamic world will start a split, catching a dangerous distemper, it will start to collapse entire countries. Russia, which has sharply reduced budget, can also fall apart, clearly having lost Ukraine and Belarus”.
Note one caveat – Kalashnikov does not speak about the opportunities physics mills, and it not only radically cheaper energy technologies, and new materials, engines, transportation, communications (including underwater), arms (ultraviolet lasers), heavy duty battery, corrosion-resistant coating, a milestone in the development of electronics and space exploration.
And that’s not all. Following the scientific and technological boom and economic boom is inevitable, and powerful social shifts. The energy is power. Decentralization of energy sources threatens not only the oil and gas mafia, it threatens to deprive the ruling elite rather significant part of its political power. The energy revolution will inevitably lead to social revolution.
It seems that it is the last circumstance most of all frightens the ruling circles – how else to explain that the last quarter of a century the development of new technologies was carried out in the absence of state funding and the active opposition of the scientific establishment? But if the republics of the former Soviet Union the development of technology and science was able to completely stop and to exsanguinate in the United States this has not happened – a quarter of a century “corruption” resulted in large-scale “underground fire” that threatens to bubble up, and absorbing the scientific establishment and the ruling elite.

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Dr Randell Mills University lecture (Fresno State, Feb 2017)

“I had a dream last night! 😀 I was back in High School, the same physics classroom from when I was 14/15 years old, and my physics teacher was none other than Dr Randell Mills… IT WAS AWESOME! I was the only student in my class that understood GUT-CP, and I was his teachers pet… a bit like ‘Good Will Hunting’, but in High School.  Dr Mills was into Hip Hop music… … and then at the end of the class, after everyone else had left, I stayed behind for extra lessons… and Dr. Henry Kissinger was at the back of class room with a sly smile on his face like “keep up the studies Daniel”… it was bizarre!”
“Wow!… just… wow!”
“Anyhoo!” 😀

Dr. Mills Fresno State lecture, on February 27 2017.
Dr. Mills lays out the basics for ‘hydrino’ energy and GUT-CP, covering his theory of atomic structure (the electron-orbitsphere), cosmology, hydrino reactions in the Sun, the identity of dark matter, Millsian etc. The talk is probably one of his best yet, as it is given to students in an academic setting and not a business proposal.