We have the technology to get off this planet… To explore the cosmos… If we meet another civilisation… This is what we do…

We gather intelligence. We study them… If they’re weaker than us… We zap their main city with a directed energy weapon… And then say “nice planet, it’s ours!”

Well it worked on planet Earth! 😄😆😅😂🤣

“Don’t run! We are you’re friends…. ack ack ackack.”

“Look at ’em! They don’t even know about the number 137!”

“Erm? Neither do we?”

“Sssssh! Just pretend we do!”


Raise a glass to the late David Rockefeller for this one!… Now that we’ve completely enslaved humanity… Can we now go and conquer the stars?

I thought I’d use an old picture of Rockefeller in his prime… The more recent ones make him look like a Coronavirus victim.

Anyhoo… humanity is now essentially enslaved (by choice)…

The rest of us enlightened beings (homo-Illuminatus)… We should be thinking about what else is out there!

First we conquered Europe… Then the planet… Then we conquered the Universe!


All I’m thinking about, all I’m imagining and re-enacting, is how to teach children Self Defence!

All I am thinking about is children’s self defence!

“They tell you not swear… but you shout and fucking swear as much as possible!”

This is how you run!

This is your stance!

This is how you throw a strike.

These are the most vulnerable (and painful) parts of a grown man (or woman)

This is how you defend against a grab…


I think I have found my calling in life!

Children’s Self Defence!