Hozier – Take Me To Church

Absolutely amazing song! One of the best songs of the last 50 years? Modern classic.

But! 😃

(“There’s always a but, with you Danny Boy!”)

I know someone… or knew someone who can sing it better than Hozier himself! Straight up, no bull shit…

When I was in prison, I had my own radio show going out across UK Prisons. Broadcast from HMP Preston!

Because of my education (University) and my good behaviour within the prison, the staff put me in charge of the radio course, expecting me to take certain people under my wing…

There was one kid (can’t remember his name), half cast kid, early twenties, 5’3″… in for a pretty serious crime if I remember correctly (murder or at least attempted murder)… This kid had nothing. No clothes, no friends, no tobacco… but he was on my course.

Every day, he would ask for one rollie worth of tobacco (ensured he made it himself, so it wasn’t ‘spiced’), then he would disappear to the toilet to smoke it… Every morning, same time.

We had a sound proof studio in the corner of education, but outside where a hundred odd prisoners on computers, two/three education staff, and one officer…

The toilets where half door, saloon doors, and you could here everything inside! (Safety reasons)

This kid, every morning, at half ten, would take a rollie off me, go into the toilets, and sing this acapella.

The most amazing, heartfelt, and truly inspiring version of Take Me To Church, myself and hundred odd other people, have ever heard!

I use to stand up on a table every time, and tell everyone to ‘sssshhhhh!’, and not to let on that everyone could here him, and not to laugh when he came out! 😄😅😆😂🤣

Every fucking day he went in, smoked his cigarette and absolutely belted this song out from his soul! 😢

Came out like it was nothing … Went about his day in prison! 😆😅😂🤣

Sorry Hozier, but I’ve heard it sung much better, and so have a shit load of HMP Preston… no offence.

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