I’m going to emerge out of this COVID-19 lockdown a Fiore dei Liberi master! (Or at least ready to become one)

People have spent years, even decades analysing his system, and it’s still debated over today.

His craft was taught in secret over 700 years ago, shrouded in secrecy, only rediscovered in 20th century… three remaining transcripts in Latin, obscure references and illustrations… people wonder who he was and how he taught his system. The system we have, was meant for people already trained at a high level of martial arts of the day.

I’m telling you, it’s just clicked. Just been studying his two handed long sword system for two days… It’s clicked.

My self defence instructor has a scientific mind for violence. His concepts and techniques, drilled again and again, pressure tested, perfected over decades, taken what does work and throws out what doesnt…

(much of it is very similar to Fiores unarmed combat!)

I just took his approach, his system… unarmed and armed combat (knife survival)… and applied it to Fiores ‘postas’.

It’s exactly the same! Same problem solving skills.


And don’t cross your hands.

That’s 90% of Fiores secret teaching right there! 😆

From each posta, depending on whether your weight is on the front foot or the back foot, stepping back, forward or off line… There’s only a set number of postas you can ever transition into!


Obviously I now need proper in person tuition, I need to drill, drill, drill… and then spar, spar, spar…

But I am mastering this at speed!

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