The guy died because the police officer didn’t know how to safely restrain someone! Simple as.

Half of my family are Irish Catholic immigrants to UK (Hurley), the other half black South African/ Jewish (Lyons)…

When it comes to racism… as long as someone isn’t barring me from entering a shop, or preventing where I can go, or what job I may do… or burning me in a fucking oven, because of my heritage or ‘race’… Meh?

Are white British people now going to try and eradicate all traces of slavery from it’s history? That’s erasing the history of the British Empire in its entirety!

Many great politicians of today are complicit in gang stalking! A form of human slavery (an attempt at it)… In 200 years are people going to tear down Boris Johnsons statue because he was complicit in the collective stalking of thousands of UK citizens? Why not do something now!

Slavery of black people in the US? It never went away… it changed from open slavery on the cotton fields to the modern prison system, where 1 in 4 people incarcerated on planet Earth is in the United Sates! Although it’s only 5% of the global population… Guess who most of those incarcerated are!

The entire human race is enslaved! Enslaved because it beleived in culture, in Government, in religion… in money!

Fuck it… I’m listening to Nas best album NIGGA… although he had to release it as ‘untitled’, in case the nigga offended anyone, by releasing a hip hop album actually called Nigga.

How many black brothers are killing other black brothers, every day, across the United States? Over nothing!

How many black brothers are stabbing black brothers in London on a daily rate? Again over nothing!

Black lives matter… yeah… all lives matter!

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