So You Think You Can Sword? 2020

“Oh my God Danny! Stop with the sword fighting! … Pleeeease!”

Remember when I first when to the Peruvian Amazon to drink Ayahuasca? And I came back like “WOW!”… and then I did as much research as I possibly could, went to international conferences, met the the world’s top experts, spent tens of thousands of pounds travelling back and forth… Told everyone it was the most profound, mystical, and truly powerful experience that I could ever have had, amd it had changed me forever, and was now one of the main pillars of my existence. (“fucking angelic butterfly people!”)

Kinda the same with sword fighting! 😃

It seems I have missed the ‘So You Think You Can Sword? 2020’ competition. 🤔

Check the music!

Fuckers… I don’t think I can sword… I fucking know I can. I know I was born to do this! I know I’ve been born before to do this! You are looking at the greatest swordsman who ever lived, who ever has lived and ever will live… Each and every fucking time!

… 🤔

I just have to relearn it all again in this life! 😆😅😂🤣

Each time I can learn more techniques, more knowledge… adapt new skills.

Sexy as fuck! Women wielding women’s is sexy as fuck!

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