My Granny had a painting of King David standing on Goliath’s head, with a sword… Can anyone find it for me please!!!

David is stood with his sword, and he has one foot on Goliath’s head, pushing it into the dirt…

It’s a dark and macabre painting, a gruesome and distorted face of Goliath, face frozen in agony… I can’t remember King David’s face.

It’s similar to this in terms of style, age…

But King David is stood on Goliath’s head, in triumph, and Goliath’s head has almost the same expressions, but half buried in the ground… I think David is stood on a rock? It’s dark, but it’s a landscape with mountainous desert features in the background…

Possibly in the Cardiff/South Wales area…

I’ll try and get more details off my mum…

I’m searching the internet for the image, but to no avail. If anyone knows what painting I am talking about, details of it… please.

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