Gangs Of London Episode 6 (the torture episode)… Now we are getting somewhere!

The rest of it, thus far has been over the top unrealistic violence, camp acting, ridiculous fight scenes and an overly complicated plot that keeps tripping up over itself… And just would not ever take place in the UK.

Until episode six… the now infamous torture episode.

Now that was interesting! The fact that it was a woman torturing another woman, with the help of one of her son’s (whilst the other gets high on heroin, and bakes cakes)

Is she torturing her for information? Subconsciously torturing her late husband? Or is she just sadistic, and uses her son’s ‘protection’ as an excuse to dish out some extreme violence, knowing she’s going to eventually kill her anyway?


That episode should have just been a movie itself!

A mother and two sons, in a London safe house, after the assassination of their crime lord husband/father… And the film focuses on the torture of the person responsible for it… A woman.

How the mother is the main instigator of the torture. How she convinces one of her son’s to be complicit in it. How the other cannot bare to be a part of it, and resorts to getting high on heroin.

It would have flashed back and forth, revealing the plot, who they where/are, the events leading up their situation, the assassination of their father/husband.

The audience would not be aware of what was taking place at the beginning, the plot slowly unfolds to reveal what is going on in the house (much like the episode of Gangs Of London did)… Little hints and clues as to what is happening, until it’s eventually revealed to the audience.

I’m thinking something much like ‘Sexy Beast’ starring Ben Kingsley and Ray Winston… But with the mother as the sadistic torturing psycho.

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