Why Sky Atlantic’s critically acclaimed Gangs Of London is the BIGGEST crock of shit.

Where do I even begin!

First, if you want a drama highlighting the global problem of The City Of London being the epicenter of global money laundering, go back to BBCs adaption of McMafia.

If you want a true to life, gritty exploration of London crime bosses, check out The Long Good Friday (1981?).

Sky Atlantic’s critically acclaimed Gangs Of London… 😎😆😅😂🤣


First episode, I’m thinking 🤔 “I kinda like the brutality of the fight scenes, but they’re not very realistic at all!”

(average fight last 13 seconds, some of those techniques would NOT work in real life… AT ALL!)

Now I’m four or five episodes in, I’m thinking… they’ve just taken the cast of Game Of Thrones, and put them in 21st century London… And they may have well have brought the dragons and Dothraki armies in, because this is just epic fantastical bullshit!

London IS the global money laundering capital of the world, exactly because you cannot go round shooting or killing anyone you want! MI5 (and CIA) would not allow any of this to take place in real life!


The fight scenes are absolutely ridiculous. Those techniques would not work against an armed attacker (meat cleavers, axes, whatever… that undercover copper is dead!)

Everytime the writers dig themselves into a plot hole (of their own plot writing creation!)… They dig themselves out by having a shootout, and killing anyone and everyone, that was getting in the way, of their own plot! 😕

What else?

In 21st century, there isn’t really a London crime family left like the one depicted… Maybe the Addams Family? (I wonder what they make of this!)


The sniper, who took out everyone with a high calibre, explosive tipped round, military grade rifle… heads exploding and everything…. the undercover copper gets shot, and the bullet doesn’t go through him like butter, this one gets lodged in his liver (the softest part of the human anatomy)… Whilst everyone’s else’s skulls explode on impact.

Pikey’s with Welsh accents!

Rubbish… An now I’m gonna have sit through another five or six hours of it, just to see how ridiculously stupid this series actually is!

My favourite character is the Pakistani heroin drug lord ‘Asif’… Because that’s pretty much all I’ve been saying when watching this ridiculous crock of shit.

Fucking Americans, stay away British crime drama please (or I might come and kill you, your family and everyone you know, in broad daylight, with an array of semi automatic weaponry!)

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