I am going to be the most skilled and feared sword fighter in all of Westeros! (and Braavos)

Yeah yeah Krav Maga, Reality Self Defence Concepts, Filipino Martial Arts, Escrima, Kali, Lewi and Burmese boxing… I do need to start Brazilian jiu-jitsu when this shit is all over… I train all that because I have to…



I never imagined I would love something so much!

I can spend hours, on my own, down at the beach, just drilling and drilling this.

I have two medieval training swords arriving tomorrow!

I want to know how to wield it with two hands, with my right hand and my left hand… 🤔… In case I lose one. 😆

(although it’s most likely going to me cutting someone else’s hand off)

I grew up, from a young age, having absolutely horrific, terrifying and traumatising night terrors of being on an medieval battlefield. The sound of battle, steel swords clashing, men screaming and dying in absolute agony… The worst thing I ever experienced as a child. My mum took me to the doctor’s for it!

And now I’m like… Im gonna learn how to sword fight!

In the 21st century… you have access to information on every sword fighting style and technique every documented and written about… Ever!

Sword fighting is the coolest fucking thing men have ever done… that is a historical and scientific fact! ğŸ˜Ž

The Master Danny Hurley lineage…

I’m going to develop a fucking unformidable fighting style!

(auto spell is not offering any alternatives to ‘unformidable’, and I’m to busy fighting with a glass of whiskey in my hand, to Google the correct spelling)

“Am I fearful? You ask if I am fearful. I shall be truthful to you all. Of course I am fearful… I have always been fearful, my entire life. Fearful of my father. Fearful of my brother. Fearful of my family name. Fearful of what I am expected to be, of what I am expected to achieve. Fearful of how I am to influence the world. Fearful of my place in the world… I was fearful the first time I ever raised my fists to another boy, and although victorious, I have remained fearful ever since… But I have never cowered to that fear. Fear is what drives us! Fear is what what motivates us! Fear is what makes some men victorious, and others defeated. It is men’s approach, understanding and eventual conquering of fear, that differentiates the victorious from the defeated. I have been fearful of every fight, every battle, every card game, and let me tell you, every potential romance… But I have never run or hid from that fear, I have faced that fear head on each and every time, and I have always confronted it… And I have always triumphed over it, each and every time. And now, in this greatest time of fear, for me, and for you, I am prepared to step out, onto that battlefield, and to confront that fear once again, and to defeat it once again. And when we are victorious, and I assure you we shall be, and when we have defeated not only our enemies, but our deepest fears… I assure you all, there will then be new fears to overcome for us all… new fears to confront and to defeat. For confronting fear is the way of life, confronting and defeating fear is life, until the day we die… And so we only have two choices… to bow and to submit to fear… OR TO FIGHT IT AND DEFEAT IT… And to reign supreme over it! To be Kings over fear!”

Just fucking made that shit up, half pissed off whiskey! 😂🤣

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