La Llorona 😔

The story to the song goes as follows…(relayed to me by a Mexican friend)
There was once a beautiful, exquisite and meek young girl in the village. The most beautiful girl in the village. But she was poor and naive, and didn’t recognise her own beauty, although everyone in the village did, and admired her for her innocence.
One day a powerful nobleman rode through, and was stopped dead in his tracks at her beauty, and knew he would have to win her heart and marry the young woman. He had travelled the world, but had never before seen such beauty. He bought her gifts, flattered her by telling her how beautiful she was, and eventually proposed knowing he had won her heart.
She gracefully accepted, they married and started a family.
But the nobleman would spend months and years away, and each time he returned he spent less time flattering his now ageing wife, and more time with their children.
She was growing old, and her beauty was fading.
One day, the nobleman, before returning from a long journey, sent a letter informing her of his new, younger, more beautiful bride, and told the woman they where to be divorced.
In her anger and jealousy, and wishing to hurt her husband as much as possible, she took her children down to the sea and drowned them. Allowing the waters to take their corpses.
Upon his return, the nobleman asked to see his children, whom he loved and doted upon, and the woman instantly dropped to her knees, begging for his and God’s forgiveness, admitting to what she had done.
The nobleman told her, neither he or God could ever forgive her until he had the corpses of his children in front of him and to be buried.
She went down to the waters and searched drastically for their bodies, but could not find them.
Now she wanders the villages, eternally, as an old, dishevelled woman, crying for her children at night.
She takes any children she finds, in an attempt to pass them off as her own.
If you hear her cries when walking alone at night time, you must turn back and run home as fast as can, before she takes you in an attempt for forgiveness by God.

Don’t know whether it’s true or not, but one hell of a tale! 😎
Either a way of Mexican women of telling their children to be home on time… Or their husbands, “if you ever leave me, I kill the kids!” 😆😅😂🤣
Maybe both?

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