Humanity chooses it’s Superman!

Humanity creates it’s own Superman… They get the Superman they deserve! The Superman they ask for…

They take the most conscious and intelligent men on the planet, and turn them into General Zod or Jor-El.

COVID-19? A virus which has has killed less than the seasonal flu? They’re are asking to be enslaved…. Screaming out for it! This had nothing to do with a virus! NOTHING AT ALL!

Jonathan Hui

In our time of rising populism and authoritarian figures, Zod is an incredibly relevant character that echoes from the roots of Western Greco-Roman-Euro-American culture. Plato’s Republic envisioned a utopian society where classes were strictly defined and special guardians were molded from birth to protect the sovereignty and security of the state. Krypton is therefore a version of that on a planetary scale, reminiscent of the Sarkar game and the four castes of society: Workers, Warriors, Intellectuals, and Entrepreneurs. While Plato and Jor-el believed in the ascendancy of philosopher kings, in the enlightened and reasoned guiding the republic imperiously towards Truth, Zod had a different vision for society. Jor-el wished for society to be reformed through contemplation and higher scientific principles; Zod saw only that society could be redeemed by authority and order. Both revolted against the suffocating shortsightedness and arbitrary legalities of the bureaucrats, politicians, lawyers, and industry, in steadily marching their civilization towards ruin and extinction. What differed was the means by which they chose to act: Jor-El through Reason, Science, and Philosophy; Zod through Might, Authority, and Militancy. In the end, it was fated to come down to both of them. Just as Socrates debated Glaucon, Jor-el bitterly opposed Zod’s vision for a new Krypton and so did his son. In the end, it always comes down to a choice between the dove and the hawk, the word and the sword, and the water and the fire. While I know what side I will ultimately come down on, I still admire and sympathize with Zod. You can argue with his methods and means, but not his dedication and willingness to sacrifice himself to redeem a sundered home, a lost people, and the vision of a glorious civilization reborn.

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