“Danny… ****** would be so disappointed in you. What you’ve become”… … No he wouldn’t

You betrayed me! You, your family will suffer… The British people will suffer!

None of you knew him. None of you ever tried to understand him, or his philosophies on the human condition.

You could say, I knew him better than any of you ever did! He allowed me to know him, and understand him more than any of you… he chose me above everyone else at MI6 and MI5.

What he would be disappointed in, is the British people… not so much her security services, but her public.

He would be absolutely distraught and disgusted at this generation of British ‘men’… absolutely disgusted by it.

He knew I was Jewish! 😃 He knew I would eventually answer to Israel! … He had no problems with it.

“we wage a war with no rules

A snowstorm with no end

We share a bottle with a foe

Or get a bullet from a friend”

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