This is what I tell my friends in Israel, regarding Coronavirus, COVID-19… THE BOOGY VIRUS OF 2020!

This is what I tell my friends in Israel (a country who has thus far lost 199 people to ‘Coronavirus’)… who are worried and stressed about the ‘Coronavirus’. 🤔
For some reason the same message doesn’t seem to resonate with people of the UK! 😆😅😂🤣

“People aren’t grasping what viruses actually are! They are pieces of genetic code, encased within a liptid protein. There are trillions of viruses, everywhere on the planet… 10 to the power of 31… A lot of viruses! So many in fact, if you where to line them up one by one, they would stretch 200 million light years into outer space… If you where to take all the viruses on the planet, and all the cellular life (bacteria, plants, animals), viruses would outweigh it ten to one… The human body consists of 6 trillion cells, 60 trillion bacteria and 340 trillion viruses… Planet Earth is a virus planet! They are required for all life and are the main driving force behind evolution!

So yeah… You are going to find genetic traces of ‘coronavirus’ (which includes the common cold) on nano particles!

People of Israel… Don’t worry about the COVID-19 virus, most will contract it and not even know! It’s most likely going to now be a symbiotic part of human life, much like the seasonal flu is. You won’t be able to vaccinate against it, but we will discover drugs and methods to treat it for those unfortunate enough to suffer (underlying health issues, usually by lifestyle choice, old people… Who are dying anyway, which is what old people do!)
You have the healthiest diet in the world. A world class medicine system, a technological and scientific powerhouse… Relax… Being stressed only harms the immune system!”

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