C’mon now Charles…

People should do some research into what viruses actually are. It’s genetic information, a piece of genetic code, usually RNA, but sometimes DNA, encased within a lipid membrane… That’s all!

And they are everywhere… trillions upon trillions of viruses, on every square metre of the planets surface, in its oceans, in its atmosphere, under the ground… the numbers are unfathomable (to most).

The number of viruses on the planet are estimated to be 10 to the power of 32


If you where to take all the viruses on planet Earth, and line them up… it would stretch 200 million light years into outer space (time? Gravity? Whatever!)

They are the driving force behind evolution! When a species becomes too dominant, when it consumes too much of the environments reaources, viruses cull the population and allow another species to flourish and take its place.

Homo sapiens get 40-80% of its genome from ancient viruses… including the ARC gene, responsible for consciousness and higher order thinking.


How much has homo Illuminatus inherited from this gene pool?

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