As a Jew… hell yeah I’d kill Jesus again! He died for my sins? Well that’s a bit presumptuous isn’t it?… Kill him! Now the guy just took the day of homage to the fertility Goddess Ishtar, and made it his own.

What a woman!

Jesus fucking Christ! That’s not even Jesus Christ… that stunning looking white guy, who should be in an aftershave advert at Christmas… is Cesera Borgia!

The guy was a political rebel of his day… a true anarchist, who sought to overthrow the established order of his time…

And 2000 years later you all want to make him out to be the Messiah?

The son of God?

Who rose from the dead for my sins?

(hint… he was a Jew, with powerful Jewish family connections… I bet he faked his death. Spent the rest of his days fucking Mary Magdalenes brains out)

The poor bastard would be absolutely traumatised at what you’ve done in his name!

“Je Je… Listen to what I’m saying mate… You’re pissing a whole lot of people off. Either fake it, or their gonna fucking kill ya. Not fucking pissing about mate. That Judas guy you run with… He’s working for the Romans. The rest of them, will drop you at a hat.”

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