If Zionist Jews where to create a killer virus…

They wouldn’t create one that spreads by close social contact, and it wouldn’t kill old men.

“Coronavirus is a Zionist Plot”

MAR 18, 2020

The terrifying headline was a feature in Turkish politics today. For a full account of this treachery please read the JERUSALEM POST article of 18 March. You can read it online.

Leading Turkish politicians are declaring that Jews and Zionists have brought the coronavirus to the world in order to decrease populations which will benefit Israel and all Zionist entities.

Thousands of Turkish citizens have taken up the cry “it is a plot by the Jews and the Zionists to destroy our cultures and our lives”.

In view of this political war, it should require us to reply to Turkey in a forthright manner. First of all, we should withdraw our ambassador in Ankara and maintain only a very small staff. Likewise, we should expel Turkey’s ambassador to Israel and allow only a small staff to remain. The Turkish government should immediately taste the fruits of our anger.

Not since the fall of the Weimar Republic and the birth of German Nazism have Jews been so dastardly accused of crimes in which they were innocent.

Our silence in this accusation would be a crime on our part. Our information offices are duty-bound to publicize the foul Turkish accusations and to respond with the facts to be shared with the world’s media.

We cannot and must not remain silent in the midst of Nazi-like false accusations which are an immediate danger to Jewish lives in Turkey and beyond.

The EU and the UN should be obligated to condemn Turkey for its wild anti-Semitic charges. Turkey should feel the anger of all decent people in all nations. A boycott of travel to Turkey is one positive step.

How the Turkish press was permitted to publish the false accusations against Jews and Zionists, the fault lies directly at the door of Turkey’s dictator, Erdogan. He cannot disguise his dislike of Jews and the world awaits his comments to retract the vile accusations.

We are living in the most dreadful and fearful of times. Not since the Black plague of the 15th century has the world experienced anything like the corona virus. Millions of people will be affected. The eventual death count will reach astronomical figures. Too many people are stubbornly avoiding health regulations, in particular the benefits of social isolation, social distancing.

A member of my family in Ramat Hasharon wrote that she feels as if this is the end of the world. I replied that it is vital to keep hope and faith. But hope and faith alone will not stop the spread of the pandemic.

All of us must remain in our homes. A national lockdown is on the horizon. Violators will be arrested on criminal charges of posing a threat to lives.

Fear and panic are dreadful twins. Together they can destroy our senses of reason. By obeying our health authorities recommendations many lives can be saved and affected individuals may be healed.

The Turkish false blame on Jews and Zionists cannot and must not be overlooked. Their lies can spread like a wildfire into the minds of the anti-Semitic anti-Israel world.

If we the people and our government remain silent, we will be counted among the guilty.

Lift up your voices. Cry aloud. Denounce the Turks. Stay well. Keep safe. Live longer lives. And pray for an end to this catastrophe.

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