In all honesty… I think I’ve already had it!

85% of cases may go undetected.

Possibly half the UK population may have the virus?

Around the end of January/beginning of February… I developed many of the symptoms of Coronavirus.

I know when my bodies not right! It was the chest and the lungs… an itching and slight inflammation of the lungs… a persistent cough… I put it down to smoking, thought about giving up… it went away after two weeks?

My mum had similar symptoms around the same time. (My mum is one tough old bitch… She’s gonna be around until her nineties unfortunately)

My dad is ill now… He’s asthmatic and suffered all his life (He is actually quite ill, but has my mum to drag him around)

In our family. You put up and shut up, and take some Asprin… That’s the way my mother raised us. Unless you’re dying… And even then! It took my grandmother seven years to die of cancer (whilst continuing to be an alcoholic).

I honestly think, in all honesty… I’ve already had it, and so have my immediate family.

Self isolate? We have as little interaction with you goyim fucks as possible.

I don’t get ill because…

One – my mother never allowed me to get ill as a child. I was allowed to do anything, except be ill! šŸ˜†šŸ˜‚šŸ¤£

Two… I was sprayed with something in Borovue. What was that? Someone, please enlighten me!


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