Humanity.. you're a traumatised species… You have been for 12,800 years… Nature will not stand for this any longer!

I’ve just explained this to a taxi driver!

Humanity… This is NOT the way it should have been for us! We should not have taken this path we’re on. We are the ONLY species that is not in balance with mother nature…

We have collectively chosen to go to war with nature… with ourselves… STUPID IDEA!

What happened to us, to insanely beleive we could go to war with our natural environment, the only species on the planet to do so… and to think we where gonna win?

A cometary impact!

The Younger Dryas mass extinction event of 12,800 years ago.

We are a traumatised species… we chose to go to war with nature, to enslave ourselves… To put the planet at risk of the sixth biggest mass extinction event in earth’s history.

Mother nature said…

“Fuck off! Get over it”

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