This is showing us, just how vulnerable we actually are, how vulnerable our globalised society actually is, at the hands of mother nature… Something we are yet to fully understand!

Of course I don’t believe this is a plague sent by God for whatever reason (ignoring the epidemic levels of child sex abuse)… I’m not a rabbi! πŸ˜†πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

I don’t really believe that this is a conscious planet goddess (Sophia/Gaia) exacting revenge upon us for the damage we’ve done to the planet. (well… I kinda do!)

I don’t believe it’s part of a global New World Order conspiracy to enact a One World Government (there are those who would like to see one) … Governments will use the slightest excuse to gain further control over their populace. All media will blow up any story into a fear porn frenzy in order to gain sales/viewers/readers. Pharmaceutical companies, effectively the biggest drug pushers on the planet, one of the most powerful industries and lobbies in the US (and elsewhere) will use a health scare to make profit. The general public will ALWAYS refuse to accept scientific facts, to remain ignorant and stupid, because being intelligent requires them to do something (or at least say something)… Combined, you’ve got a frenzy based upon bullshit upon bullshit… Lost in bullshit.

It’s a virus. There are trillions upon trillions of them. This one has made the jump from animals to humans, and is running through the homo sapien species. THIS HAPPENS!

It originated in China (as many do) because you have billions of people, living in close proximity to each other, all in close proximity to dead animals, not always in the ‘cleanest’ of environments (open markets), many of these animals are exotic species, we know little about… People in that part of the world sometimes eat them…

The virus transmitted from an animal species to human.

This is coronavirus 5. There are four others in existence… Including the common cold.

This one has hardly any symptoms to most infected…. Most will contract it, recover and not even know they had it.

It is NOT highly contagious. It is not airborne.

It is being spread within close proximity, mucas and body fluids which are then inserted into the host… Mouth, nose, eyes etc.

It kills old people, who are pretty much dying anyway! (YES THEY ARE!)

It has higher risk of killing people who are unhealthy through lifestyle choices (YES THEY ARE!), Obesity, smoking, diabetes, hypertension.

It will unfortunately kills those who are unlucky enough to have been born with a weak immune system or underlying health problem…. But that is the beauty of human society and technology. We can do everything in our power to tend to and save those individuals… Our battle against nature’s cruelty.

But never forget!

Nature may be cruel. She may be ruthless. But we are far from understanding or ever mastering her. FAR FUCKING FROM IT!

We have no idea what life is. What evolution is. What viruses are. Where we came from. Why we’re here. If there is even a reason (SAD TO THINK THERE ISN’T ONE). Is there life out there any where else? Life out there older and more advanced?… Are we actually the most intelligent and conscious being on this planet? (ahem dolphins!)… We don’t even know what consciousness is!

How can we say this planet is not conscious… Or nature, life, DNA isn’t conscious or of intelligent design or plan… IF WE DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT THE FUCK IT IS!

This is a wake up call for everyone!

A fucking virus has just outsmarted us… No idea what is, where it really came from, how to stop it, what to do…

We’re not the dominant species on the planet… We are one of billions that we in a symbiotic and balanced relationship with.

Viruses have as much influence and power as we do! If not more!

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