I’m telling ya’ll… The Filipino arts is where it’s at!

“I know where it’s at if you want a bad time!” 👊🔪🥢⚔️

I think I’m going to be going with this stuff in a big way! 😃

I’m in my back garden just drilling everything I’m being shown, for hours… And it’s clicked in maybe two weeks?

The stick drills… Just wielding a stick, two sticks… swinging them, perfecting different strikes, learning how to get power behind strikes, using your wrists… these are strikes are never imagined you could do you with a stick. .. Two sticks.

Putting the footwork into it…

Transitioning into knives, blades, open hand combat… Fucking sword fighting! 😆

I am moving around my back garden like something out of Game Of Thrones… It is fucking awesome!

Obviously I don’t want to get ahead of myself, I’m new to this, but Kali Centre on YouTube seems legit.


And obviously it transitions into Filipino boxing, Paratukan, Pagamut…

The Filipino arts is where Bruce Lee got much of his stuff from? (Dan Inosanto).

I know my first and foremost self defence instructor has studied much I these arts, and taken much from them… So I think it’s coming easy for me because of the concepts, the idea of flow, footwork… Its already been drilled into me.

Yeah I’m being graded in Krav Maga in May… But? I’m only using it as a foundation, and building my house using other martial arts… Filipino at the moment, and foreseeable future!

“We don’t train for going to floor”

That’s stupid… I want the BJJ stuff!

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