On average, 13 men die by suicide, every day in the UK

I know, when I first discovered that statistic, I thought exactly the same thing…

“Better go out and get some toilet roll… Probably going to be a sell out”

I tell self defence guys, when it comes to fatal attacks, knife survival, or gun threats (The Jason Bourne shit)… The flashy stuff they want to go back home and show to their girlfriends…

“When actually, statistically speaking, the person most likely to kill you… Is you!” 😃

Most men in the UK don’t even know how to defend themselves, against themselves!

On average, 13 men die every day, by suicide.

That is an epidemic! A scary one. One that is increasing year on end… And no one seems to be working on a cure for it.

British men are not in a frenzy regarding their own safety… Demanding something gets done.

Why is that?

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