Something is rotten in the state of QED


Something is rotten in the state of QED
Oliver Consa
Independent Researcher,
Barcelona, Spain
Email: oliver.consa@gmail.com
Quantum electrodynamics (QED) is considered the most accurate theory in the history of science. However, this precision is based on a single experimental value: the anomalous magnetic moment of the electron (g-factor). An examination of QED history reveals that this value was obtained using illegitimate mathematical traps, manipulations and tricks. These traps included the fraud of Kroll & Karplus, who acknowledged that they lied in their presentation of the most relevant calculation in QED history.
As we will demonstrate in this paper, the Kroll & Karplus scandal was not a unique event. Instead, the scandal represented the fraudulent manner in which physics has been conducted from the creation of QED through today.
1 Introduction
After the end of World War II, American physicists organized a series of three transcendent conferences for the development of modern physics: Shelter Island (1947), Pocono (1948) and Oldstone (1949). These conferences were intended to be a continuation of the mythical Solvay conferences. But, after World War II, the world had changed.
The launch of the atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki (1945), followed by the immediate surrender of Japan, made the Manhattan Project scientists true war heroes.
Physicists were no longer a group of harmless intellectuals; they had become the powerful holders of the secrets of the atomic bomb. The members of the Manhattan Project had been militarized, and their knowledge had become a state secret. There was a positive aspect to this development: the US government created the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) and appointed Oppenheimer as its chief advisor. The former members of the Manhattan Project took control of universities, and American research centers received generous government grants. With these grants, the research centers were able to invest in expensive experimental resources, such as atomic explosion tests, particle accelerators and supercomputers.
Although this situation provided the American scientists with unlimited resources to conduct their research, no one had considered the great risk it posed to the future of science.
The former members of the Manhattan Project now enjoyed unlimited credibility. Their hypotheses were automatically accepted, and no one could refute their theories. Their calculations and experimental data were subject to military secrecy, and the cost of the equipment necessary to perform the experiments was prohibitive for the rest of the international scientific community. Consequently, calculations and experiments could no longer be reproduced. Modern physics
had become “not falsifiable,” according to the criteria of the philosopher Popper. It was no longer possible to differentiate scientific theories from dogmas. Those who accepted as truth the hypotheses of the former members of the Manhattan Project were rewarded with positions of responsibility in research centers, while those who criticized their work were
separated and ostracized. The devil’s seed had been planted in the scientific community, and its inevitable consequences would soon grow and flourish.


Something Rotten in the State of QED?

Oliver Consa makes serious accusations about the most accurate theory of mankind: https://vixra.org/pdf/2002.0011v1.pdf It involves twisting theory to meet measurement, twisting measurement to meet theory, “independent” calculations being secretly reconciled, six or more rounds of all that twisting, and possibly intervention into measurement results that continues to this day. After all this it does not work for the muon (yet! just wait for the seventh round of twisting). Two things stood out to me: The series in powers of alpha over pi (which is evidence of numerology on this board when Mills does it, we even have a computer program that performs such feats, you could call it Robo-Feynman…) and the truncation of this (diverging) series.

The reason why you would want to use more terms of a series is so that your result will be closer to the result with all the terms, which is exact. If you know the result with all the terms is infinite, why not just say your theory predicts that the anomalous electron g-factor is infinite? Why spend decades evaluating thousands of Feynman diagrams? You know the exact answer, it is infinity, and your theory is wrong, so work on the next theory. Why compute the four-term series, five-term series, and call it progress? It is progress toward infinity. Giving an infinite answer to a finite problem makes it the most inaccurate theory of mankind.

Why don’t CSurveyGuy’s criticisms of Dr. Mills’ electron g-factor apply to Schwinger, Dyson and all those who followed them?

You could almost understand someone who knew of widespread fraud at the highest levels of science who decided to fight fire with fire. Replace one fake edifice with another that preserved logic, at least, instead of relegating the foundations of thought to being an “intuition” of the vulgar. All we need ask of a new theory is that it be better than the old theory.

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