No I haven’t just shaved off my beard because of the fecking Coronavirus! Knob clowns!

Everyone’s like…

“Ooh! You shaved off your beard. Good idea!”

“Why is it that?”

“Coronavirus. You’re more likely to catch it with a beard… also better for your face mask”

Firstly, fuck off. Secondly, I’m not going to be wearing a face mask. Thirdly 🤔… Fuck off.

And then people say…

“Wow, you look strange without a beard. Can’t remember what you looked like with out one”

… it’s been a year and half. You can’t remember me a year and half ago… without a beard? Really? Sixteen years as an adult, without ever growing a beard… You don’t remember any of that?

The real reason I’ve shaved it off, is because with a beard, I pass for late 30’s, possibly early 40’s… without it I pass for mid to late 20’s.

And the only time you’d catch me wearing a face mask, is to avoid inhaling the red mist that fills up a room when you blow someone’s brains out with a pistol… Which may very well be next person who makes a really ignorant and ill informed comment regarding the Coronavirus. 😷

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