“And down he goes, like a plum. Step away… Kick him in the face” DEFENDU, the MI6/OSS system of Self Defence… Very British!


Hey… I’m looking to study defence techniques from any system, anywhere in theworld, at any point in history.

Defendu must have been a brutal, lethal and effective defence system… It was World War 2. (They won)

It’s what James Bond was trained in, according to Ian Fleming.

It’s just the Britishness of it! 😆😂🤣 Only the British could make extreme violence seem so gentlemanly, and mundane.

“And down he goes, like a plum. Step away… kick him in the face”

Fuck me! 😆😂🤣
Still available at Amazon!

World War II Defendu

World War 2 Defendu Self Defense Training Course

“Before Reality Self Defense, Before Combatives, Before Krav Maga, There was One, Ultimate System of Self Defense that was Used by U.S. and British Commandos, MI6, the CIA, the SOE and even James Bond…It was called DEFENDU.“

“Get tough, get down in the gutter, WIN at all costs….I teach what is called ‘Gutter Fighting.’ There’s no fair play, no rules except one: Kill or Be Killed.”
– William E. Fairbairn, creator of DEFENDU.

World War 2 Defendu

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