‘Never hit bag with stick. It shred… Use tyre’ – Bruce Lee

An instructor gave me two good quality bamboo sticks for cheap (fifteen quid)…

I named them Vic and Bob.

“Who names their sticks?”

I fucking do! Anyway… I thought, yeah let’s get a few hours practise in! Two different numeradas, right and left stance, open and closed chamber…

Cut the bag to shreds in an hour 😔

“That’s why we use a tyre for training”

Yeah I fecking know that now! I’ve been to a few gyms and noticed tyres lying around… always wondered what they where for. 🤔

So now I have to buy a new freestanding bag, or at least try and replace it (if you can buy the bloody things separately from the stand)

Of all the wise and philosophical shit Bruce Lee said… I doubt he ever said…

“We imagine he never needed to”

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