If Batman was real…

He’d need instructors. They’d identify him

(Okay, Batman Begins kinda covered that one… But)

He’d still need training/sparring partners, every day. They’d identify him.

He has a fighting style… lineages… techniques that have come from somewhere… someone would pick up on that shit… They’d identify him.

One man, can’t fight like that in public (on CCTV), and not leave himself wide open to being identified, even when he does it in a mask!

It wouldn’t take the martial arts world too long to figure who he was.

(I doubt Alfred is the perfect sparring partner… hats off to him if he is!)

“Danny, it’s fantasy! Don’t dwell on it too much”


Anyway… Filipino arts… fallen in love with it! Picking it up quickly… right hand, left hand, open chamber, closed chamber, always working off the double hip… knives, weapons, open hand fighting…

… fucking luvin it mate! 😎

Something has just clicked, like an epiphany in my fighting style… and it only took three lesssons… because I know I already have a world class self defence instructor that laid the groundworks.


I’m meeting this guy in two weeks… apparently he’s one of the world experts in Filipino arts.

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