12 Miles West of Jerusalem…Did They Find The Unthinkable?

All it is, is an archeological finding that seems to corroborate the Biblical narrative of the Arks existance. A stone that resembles the one described in the Hebrew Bible as being used to stand the Ark… Dates, location, a temple, evidence of ceremonial activity, the fact it seems to have been destroyed and burnt…

When it comes to the possible location of the actual Ark Of The Covenant (and the other lost treasures of the Israelites)… Jim Barfield and The Copper Scroll Project…

The Israeli Government know it! 😎


Jim Barfield and the Copper Scroll Project

An award-winning investigator discovered the secret to the most treasure laden and mystifying map in history. Artifacts from the Tabernacle of Moses, sacred possessions from Jerusalem’s Temple and massive treasures listed on the Copper Scroll chill prophecy experts, electrify historians and enrage the financial elite.  The potential of this mysterious and illusive discovery also holds the most frighteningly unpredictable influence on Middle Eastern and world stability.  After a 2400 year absence, the moment the world lays eyes on “the Ark of the Covenant,” the universe will change.


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