That’s me!… I’m training the ‘Filipino Arts’

“The Jason Bourne fight everyone talks about… that’s not Krav Maga.. that’s Filipino!”

I’m going to study, analyse and train this shit as a fucking science! Best beleive.

My main instructor I’m looking to, has already done that, and is training the UK police, UK military etc… I am truly lucky and privileged to be able to train with him.

When it comes to ‘Filipino arts’ (FMA, Eskrema, Dirty Boxing, Muay Thai)… it’s replaced Krav Maga.

I got two instructors.

One is unbelievably laid back, easy going, you hardly break a sweat… but he is well trained… You get to hone in on a technique, drill it until you get it right. Work at your own pace… .. he KNOWS his fucking weapons! Not just Filipino… He knows sword fighting, fucking Baritsa! (Anything, mobile phones to rolled up newspapers to axes to fecking swords!)… I’m going ask about machete attacks! πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

My other instructor is physical! He’s trained with some top people from different systems. His classes are footwork, stick fighting, striking combinations, takedowns.. some tough sparring (sparring, grapling, being on the floor)… It’s physical, and at the end of the day, in real life situation, at least 50% of what you train is going out the window! Vamoose! So…

What I need to learn is floor work. Ground fighting… I’ve got a session this weekend. Of course you want to train for a fight not going to the floor, but reality doesn’t allow for that luxury… and I know I’m in trouble if I ever do go to the floor with someone who’s reasonably trained… I’m looking at BJJ.

Krav Maga can get you up to an adequate level pretty quockly… it’s what it’s designed to do (IDF soldiers)… But there’s more to it… A LOT MORE TO SELF DEFENCE!

And at the end of day… … I’ve already got the guy who is without a doubt UKs top self defence instructor, if not world class… And I know enough to know why and how he’s not being recognised for what he is.

(I see the shit some LA instructors do, and say, millions of followers, protect VIP celebrities… … Meh? Give me REALITY!)

2 thoughts on “That’s me!… I’m training the ‘Filipino Arts’”

  1. Krav Maga is taught to IDF solders who have the luxury of kicking someone away… Then shooting them in the face (is it not?)… Not everyone has that luxury!
    Its flawed. It’s static. It’s aquiescent… It’s a tick box of moves that anyone can learn (within a year!)… And when that move doesn’t work, they freeze, they panic and have no idea what to do next!
    No flow, no transitions…. It’s not real life violence.
    I speak as a Jew, who wishes nothing more than for his people to have the perfect self defence system. πŸ˜”


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