My first lesson in the ‘Filipino arts’

I know the CIA train in this stuff 😎 (as usual, as much as I need to know!)

I’ve done loads of FMA/Kali/Eskrima techniques… it’s just I didn’t really know where it came from.

I’m getting a feel this martial arts shit! I’ve got some really good instructors… no ego, no bullshit, genuine instructors who know what their talking about..

The main guy, I think is world class in terms of ‘Reality Based Self Defence Concepts’… He’s taken everything that works, from all the major martial arts, pressure tested the techniques to death… And created a system that I think is the future of self defence. He’s studied it like a fucking science.

I just need to know what works in real life situations, what’s the quickest and most effective way to fight my out of a potential lethal attack… How to survive a lethal attack.

I have to assume anybody that attacks me is…

a) out to kill me

b) highly trained

c) armed

That’s just my reality of my situation now isn’t it! πŸ˜”

I like the Filipino stuff! Some of it’s a bit fancy, wouldn’t want to try it in a real life situation, under stress, fighting for my life… but I’m going with it for now… take what I can.

I think me and Krav Maga are over. It’s been nice, I’ll never forget you, you’ve been a part of my life… … but you can’t really be trusted, can you? (Not with knives, other stuff also)

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