Caroline Flack? I’d never even heard of her until her death… … What a bunch of cunts you all are!

I’d honestly never heard of her until Sunday afternoon.

I’ve read the stories, I’ve read the gossip, read the slander, leading up to her death.

My thoughts? What an absolute bunch of cunts you ALL are! Everyone should be ashamed of themselves. This society drove her to that point… The media, the online trolls who know everything, the CPS… This whole fucking society drove that beautiful woman to despair!


Seriously! What the fuck?

I honestly cry and mourn for that woman.. she’s effected and inspired me more than anyone could know… And I’d never even heard of her until she committed suicide.

She is one of the most beautiful, amazing, vivacious women I have ever seen (LOOK AT HER SMILE!)… That smile is truly beautiful…😊

That smile is honestly heaven sent.

YOU killed it people! (You really did fuck up this time)

A woman, who I’d never even fucking heard of , commits suicide… …. And I’m left heartbroken?

“Ayahuasca hun! 😆 Go to Peru and drink La Medicina! … Reinvent yourself”

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