Gang stalking Britain… The Sanity Hunters: Gang Stalking: The Threat to Your Mind Body and Soul by Maxine Harris… UK GANGSTALKING ONLINE SUPPORT SERVICE.

Been asked to share the following links by a fellow victim? 🤔… Experiencer of gang stalking.

JUST TRAIN WITH THE TOP KRAV MAGA/SELF DEFENCE PEOPLE IN THE COUNTRY (the world?)… Not much these cultists can do, except dig themselves deeper into their fantasy world of fucking la la land.

I said to the police officer from Morecambe… (the one who wears enough aftershave, that if I lit up a cigarette, I’d be worried he’d might go up with it right there in my dining room… Again ‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywood!)

“This is a fucking cult. Like the Manson family or some shit. These people are brainwashed… it has all the characteristics of a cult… and some of your officers belong to it. Why not get ’em all to do something really cool, like castrate themselves and commit suicide? 😆 That’s what Heaven Gate did!”

The officer was actually asking me about a number of vehicles that has been damaged in the area… Apparently some of them got scratched… Swastikas and the lot! (Obviously I know nothing about it)


The Sanity Hunters: Gang Stalking: The Threat to Your Mind Body and Soul


I better not end being the hero of all the ‘experiencers’ of gang stalking… World wide! 😔

I was taught by MI6, that you stalk the target for minimum 1 month, maximum 6 months, before you take them out… you don’t just keep stalking them, and stalking, and stalking them, for years on end! That’s just a waste of money, time and resources.

Mossad don’t do that shit! 😎

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