‘I look forward to Britain’s Israel embassy moving to Jerusalem,’… UK’s premier Boris Johnson supports Trump’s M.East deal

“Something important is going to happen at the end of the week.” 😎

‘I look forward to Britain’s Israel embassy moving to Jerusalem,’ says Minister Robert Jenrick

He tells Conservative Friends of Israel reception: ‘We have a patch of land in Jerusalem that has been waiting for our embassy for some time’

Robert Jenrick addresses the event
Robert Jenrick addresses the event (Photo: The JC)

Communities Secretary Robert Jenrick has joked that he would “look forward to the day” when Britain’s embassy in Israel will be “moved to Jerusalem” in a speech at a Westminster event.

Speaking at the Conservative Friends Of Israel parliamentary reception, the government minister added he was told by an ambassador when in the Jewish state that “we have a patch of land in Jerusalem that has been waiting for our embassy for some time.”

Britain has so far not indicated it will move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, as the US did in 2018.

To loud applause at the packed gathering on Tuesday, Mr Jenrick added: “As Housing Secretary I don’t like land-banking. I want us to build that embassy.”

Taking a more serious tone, Mr Jenrick said that “defeating Jeremy Corbyn” at last month’s election was “not the celing – that’s the floor.”

He told the gathering, which included Tory Party chairman James Cleverly, MPs Andrew Percy, Robert Halfon and host for the evening Bob Blackman, “It is not just Jeremy Corbyn who is antisemitic – many of those people continue.”

Mr Jenrick singled out Labour leadership contender Sir Keir Starmer, accusing him of hypocrisy for now attempting to distance himself from the Labour leader despite having been “perfectly willing to take a ministerial car and serve in the cabinet of Jeremy Corbyn.”

He added:”We will not forget the conduct of those people who now aspire to lead the Labour Party – and the Jewish community won’t either.”

Mr Jenrick also called Israel an “incredible achievement” and praised the “sheer resilience” of the Jewish people.

He also vowed to ensure the building of the Holocaust Memorial and Learning Centre next to Parliament and revealed he had met with Yad Vashem curators over the project while in Israel last week.

In a further barnstorming speech, Chancellor Sajid Javid declared the government’s “unwavering support” for Israel and said “every minister thinks carefully about what they can do to strengthen that relationship.”

Sajid Javid addresses the event
Sajid Javid addresses the event (Photo: The JC)

Mr Javid then said that, when he was Home Secretary, he had told an “official” to “get stuffed” when they refused to back his now successful bid to proscribe the Iranian-backed terror group Hezbollah as a terrorist group.

To loud cheers, he said he repeated the same “get stuffed” message when he was told he should not visit the Western Wall in Jerusalem during a visit to Israel because of “long-standing policy of over two-decades.”

The Chancellor continued: “You know what? I told them to ‘get stuffed’ and I went anyway.”

In a further attack he said he also delivered the same message to Mr Corbyn after he “sent me legal letter after legal letter” for branding him an antisemite on Twitter.

Mark Regev, the Israel’s ambassador in the UK, told the event: “Something important is going to happen at the end of the week.”

He added: “When this happens and Israel and the UK have signed a trade deal we will continue to see trade grow in this new reality.”

Also delivering speeches at the event were Stephen Crabb, CFI’s parliamentary chair and its honorary president Lord Polak.

UK’s premier Boris Johnson supports Trump’s M.East deal

Support to Trump’s so-called deal of century confirmed in UK gov’t statement

Ahmet Gurhan Kartal   |28.01.2020UK's premier Boris Johnson supports Trump's M.East deal


The U.K. announced its support Tuesday for U.S. President Donald Trump’s controversial Middle East peace plan

The revelation came during Trump’s press conference at the White House, where he released the so-called ‘deal of the century,’ his oft-delayed plan to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. 
“America is prepared to work with all parties on our vision. So many other countries are willing, ready and able to work with us,” Trump said, adding he has spoken to many leaders.

“I cannot believe the amount of support this morning has,” he said.

“I have been called by leaders, Boris [Johnson] called; so many called.

“They’re all saying, ‘whatever we can do to help’,” Trump added.

A statement from the British government also confirmed the phone call between Trump and Johnson.

“The leaders also discussed the United States’ proposal for peace between Israelis and Palestinians, which could prove a positive step forwards,” the statement said, confirming Johnson’s support for the so-called deal.

British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab also released a statement to say they “welcome” the deal.

“This is clearly a serious proposal, reflecting extensive time and effort,” Raab said.

“A peace agreement between Israelis and Palestinians that leads to peaceful coexistence could unlock the potential of the entire region and provide both sides with the opportunity for a brighter future.”

Raab added, however, that “only the leaders of Israel and the Palestinian territories can determine whether these proposals can meet the needs and aspirations of the people they represent.”

“We encourage them to give these plans genuine and fair consideration and explore whether they might prove a first step on the road back to negotiations.”

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