What's the beef with Prince Harry then? Anyone?

Aside from the shit my mum tells me from women’s chat magazines… I really take no interest in the useless, benefit scrounging, Nazi sympathising, born to rule, pony fucking, bell ends…

If I was forced to like one of them, it would be Harry (who quite possibly shares no bloodline with the House of Saxe-Coberg)

He’s leaving the Royal Family? With his wife ‘Meghan’?… Quite possibly CIA… Where’s he going? Canada?… And he wants nothing to with Royal duties or ‘The Firm’?

Right… imagine your mother was blatantly murdered, by your ‘father’s’ (ahem) family, in front of the whole world, and the whole of the British public went along with it like a deranged cult… Would you stick around? 🤨

That and the fact your uncle has been blackmailed by a foreign intelligence 😎since late 80’s, because of his taste in underage girls…

A whole host of ridiculous shit really!

Good luck to them!

Honestly… You people are mental!

Good film on Netflix!

‘The King’… How shit use to be, and should be now!

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