Quantum Physicist Says He Communicated Telepathically With Extraterrestrials

The late Terrence McKenna said “We have what the alien abduction community doesn’t have... repeatability!” 😁 The psychedelic experience and the alien ‘abduction’ experience are one and the same… Physically you aren’t going anywhere, but your consciousness is being taken by beings or entities that we cannot possibly begin to fathom, understand or comprehend.

DMT is the key to understanding this phenomenon.

… I hope they told him the truth… that Quantum Mechanics is the biggest load of bullshit of the past 100 years! 😆😂🤣

Quantum Physicist Says He Communicated Telepathically With Extraterrestrials

Cynthia McKanzie – MessageToEagle.com – It’s not every day a scientist comes forward stating extraterrestrials are present on this planet. Even rarer are accounts of scientists who admit they have met an alien.

Deep Prasad, a quantum physicist from the University of Toronto and CEO of ReactiveQ is a firm believer in the existence of extraterrestrial life.

Quantum Physicist Says He Communicated Telepathically With Extraterrestrials

He has been interviewed on several occasions on Hot Air and has stated there may be physical evidence of such alien visitations in the form of exotic, perhaps extraterrestrial materials.

Prasad has been involved in searching evidence of the Tic-Tac’ UFO encountered by the USS Nimitz carrier group and he is very interested in the subject of life on alien worlds.

Recently he wrote about his remarkable encounter with extraterrestrials beings and explained he was in telepathic contact with these entities.

During Thanksgiving  Deep wrote a very long tweet sharing his unusual with the world.

The encounter occurred on February 1st this year.

Deep wrote the following: “It’s Thanksgiving, and this is going to be a rather complicated post. It’s also objectively not a good idea for me to write it given every Scientist has a target on their back in the UFO community (rightly so) and given that I am still a tech CEO.

Near the beginning of this year (February 1st), I had the most absurd, world-changing experience of my life. It happened in broad daylight at 9:40 in the morning in my home. More specific details will be for another time when I have a better safety net and can expand more.

But to put it simply: I was paralyzed against my will, could not move, and saw 3 entities that had no-chill. Could I be crazy? Sure. Do I think I am? Obviously not. Could this have been a hallucination? I can’t prove it wasn’t or I wouldn’t be so worried about sharing this.

These entities projected hundreds/thousands of sentences and paragraphs in a language that looked like a marriage of Japanese and Egyptian hieroglyphics. I was terrified that I could barely move and was in complete disbelief at what was happening.

I’d go back and forth between, convincing myself that I was having some sort of seizure or had fallen unconscious and that there was no way this was happening, to downright fear realizing that it all felt more real than reality.

I was scared that I couldn’t move and was not in control of the situation yet could think perfectly straight. My mind was racing. “These things are really real? Is this really happening right now? Are my family and friends ready for this if it ever happens to them? Are they going to kill me? How do I convey that I don’t want to die and that I’m not a threat?”

At the same time, I was trying to make sense of the symbols. It was incredibly frustrating that I couldn’t understand or translate them. The sentences and paragraphs would keep flipping rapidly and the only English word I saw, at least 3 times, was the word, “DNA”.

This means that whoever or whatever was doing this (even if it’s my brain), clearly understood English. But was choosing not to use it for everything. The image of my room would disappear when I raised my head a little. But it was hard to do that and I would feel extremely nauseous.

When it disappeared I realized I was no longer in my room but somewhere else. When I would put my head back down, the image of my room would come back on again and the symbols were back on again. I decided to stop fighting what was happening and for some reason no longer felt fear but total fascination.

The fear feeling would come back every now and then, but by this point, I was astutely observing everything that was going on. The color of their suits, their size, their mannerisms, the feeling that my mood was being rapidly cycled, etc.

Quantum Physicist Says He Communicated Telepathically With Extraterrestrials

Credit: Public Domain

After a certain point, one of them jumped on top of me. And slowly walked towards my head. Right before it did this, it was on the ground near my TV and displaying these beautiful golden holograms in the middle of its suit. These golden sparkles would jump around it too.

When I saw this, I immediately rolled my eyes and said “This is a f***ing joke. What is wrong with me? What are these things??” Because I assure you, they did not look like what you expect of an “ET”. These things seemed etheric in nature. Hard to describe.

Once it was on me, it walked towards me so slowly and cautiously that I felt I was being treated like an animal. I felt this weird light hitting the top of my head. And suddenly I got hit with the most blissful, euphoric feeling I have ever felt. I will try my best to describe it: It felt like the Universe was sentient and aware of my existence.

The feeling was of warmth and nostalgia(?), it was like a reminder that space is teeming with life and that we’re all related to each other by virtue of existing. I use the word “oneness”, which meant nothing to me before.

After a few minutes(?) of experiencing this, I got knocked out/lost consciousness. And woke up “instantly”. Not a minute had gone by since the experience started. I was heaving and looking around completely shocked at what just happened. I couldn’t believe no time had passed.

I STILL didn’t think what had happened could be authentic, but I question it less today than I did when it first happened. This all happened around an interesting time in my life. I had spent roughly 3 months in UFOlogy which is why I doubted the experience since I was biased.

I was debating whether to delete all my tweets on the subject because I was starting to think it was all one big scam and I was disgruntled with the lack of hard evidence. This pushed me over the edge and made me double down on my obsession. I decided I needed to find more people who had these experiences.

So I got in contact with the Toronto CE-5 group (which I left after 2 sessions cause one of the guys running it was a total lunatic). I booked a ticket to the SCU conference and would meet Hal and Lue Elizondo the next month. I needed to know.

I needed to know who these people were, what was going on and if I had officially gone crazy. A lot of you have followed me since post SCU, and I only learned more and more. My life got weirder days after this experience. Very, very weird.

First of all, another thing that had happened a few weeks before this was the suicide of someone in my circle. We were not that close but I looked up to him/related to him. Finding out about his death had me traumatized. It was affecting my work &on top of that my inner debunker/believer battles didn’t help.

Yet after the experience, I realized that feeling of oneness had not gone away. The euphoria part, sure. But I was WAYYY better off mentally. I had no more anxiety, no depression or stress or trauma. It was impossible to feel fear. I literally could not feel fear no matter how hard I tried.

I felt love for everyone, and it was very hard to make me mad. When I did, it wouldn’t last very long and sizzle out fast. I was objectively the better version of myself. My beliefs in God changed almost instantly too. I went from an atheist to being spiritual.

I started having dreams of seeing the inside of some of the UAPs we so commonly hear about. Mostly saucers and Orbs. Some of my dream characters spoke only through telepathy. I had never in my life dreamed such things until this year. I’d experience impossible electrical anomalies wherever I went the first 2 weeks after it happened.
Hot Air Editor Jazz Shaw interviews quantum physicist Deep Prasad about quantum computing and possible extraterrestrial exotic materials.

I started feeling unnerved because I felt I had lost my free will to an extent. I didn’t like that this newfound fearlessness, unconditional love and so on were not coming from me. I didn’t think I had earned it. And that it was not normal, whatever was happening to me. I considered getting an MRI done to see what parts of my brain were rewired so that I could feel this way.

It was unnatural (but extremely good and liberating). If the whole world experienced this state of mind I was in, we would level up overnight. I am convinced hate, fear, anger, depression and anxiety would disappear overnight from our society. After a couple of weeks, this feeling/state of mind dwindled down until I was back to my normal self again.

Sometimes I wish I could go back to the way things were those first 2 weeks after the experience. But the next best thing is with conscious effort, I can easily go back to that state of mind. The difference is back then, it was an unconscious effort on my part.

I had my first UFO sighting just weeks after this. And have had 4 in total since. 2 of which I’ve recorded. And 3/4 times there were other people with me. So yeah, that’s me. My life changed (for the better), became much more complex and has led me to where I am today.

I don’t know what happened, nor can I prove that this isn’t me having gone crazy (I will pass any psychological test no problem but there will always be doubt, which is fair). But I’m forever grateful for the experience.

I’m thankful for everyone I’ve met since then on here. There are countless people I admire and like on here. I believe we will figure this mystery out and that Humanity has an incredible future ahead of it. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.”

Many wondered what these aliens looked like and Deep confessed he is not very good at drawing, but provided a simple sketch.

Written by Cynthia McKanzie – MessageToEagle.com Staff Writer

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