The age of directed energy weapons is here… Israel unveils revolutionary laser-based air defense system

“We can do much more than that! But that’s still classified”

“The Iron beam? … meh? 🤔 Laser dome! 😎

Illustration of the laser defense system

Israel unveils revolutionary laser-based air defense system

The interception system is meant to down targets ranging from mortar fire and drones to Grad rockets and long-range missiles; it is also much more cost-efficient than the current favorite Iron Dome

Yoav Ziton|Published: 01.08.20

After decades of expensive experiments, failed projects and fruitless ventures, Israeli defense establishment unveiled its latest revolutionary technological achievement. The Ministry of Defense announced Wednesday it has successfully developed a laser-based air defense system.

The system is meant to intercept aerial threats ranging from as mortar fire, drones, medium range Grad rockets, anti-tank missiles as well as long-range missiles, currently at the disposal of Iran-backed terror groups in Syria and Lebanon.The system is set to be tested in six months’ time at an undisclosed location in northern Israel. If the interception test is successful, the laser-based system will be dispatched for field use along Israel’s border with the Gaza Strip. The laser, which was developed and manufactured by the government-owned Rafael Advanced Defense Systems and Elbit Systems over the past decade, has so far proven its interception capabilities during comprehensive testing over its lengthy development cycle.The plan is to extend the laser’s uses and mount its systems on armored vehicles and trucks meant for battlefields in order to protect ground troops in hostile territory. In addition, there are plans to install the system on the Israeli Air Force jets in an effort to start intercepting long range missiles from the above.

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