Bomb experts detonate ‘realistic but harmless’ device in Heysham

“Well… it’s good to know Morecambe and Lancaster police take this seriously! 😁

More serious than SIS, when someone plants an Acetone Peroxide (AKA ‘mother of Satan’) bomb in my laptop and expects to blow me up on a commercial airline over Europe (luckily some sexy ass CIA chick warned me the evening before)… …

What did I do? 🤔 Well I didn’t board the plane, I walked straight into the British consulate… With the laptop! 😆😂🤣

“Here dickheads… sort this shit out! Also… someone’s stolen my passport”

Spent the night in Kazakhstan intelligence safe house… The most stressed I’ve probably ever been in my entire life… Copped off with the Kazakh intel officer running the safehouse… Couldn’t even get an erection! (Doesn’t happen to Bond)

Controlled explosion carried out after ‘realistic but harmless’ device found in Heysham house

Banks Crescent, Heysham. Picture: Google Street View
Banks Crescent, Heysham. Picture: Google Street View



Published: 09:33Updated: 09:40Tuesday 07 January 2020

A controlled explosion was carried out on Monday evening after a suspicious package was found in a Heysham property.

Homes had been evacuated and an area cordoned off around the property in Banks Crescent earlier on Monday after the suspect item was found.

The Army Bomb Disposal Team attended and found that although realistic, the item was completely harmless.

Police said it was not thought that there was any ill intent involved and residents were thanks for their understanding and patience.

The incident concluded at around 8pm and residents were allowed to return to their homes.

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