Dubai 2020!

That shit doesn’t even look real… it looks like the game cover for Sim City 3000!

(Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan had a secret addiction to Sim City, and thought… ‘hang on?’)

Sim City

Right Dubai…

This one has the music from Die Hard…
” the nine members of the Asian Dawn movement…”
“Asian Dawn Movement?”
“I read about them in Time magazine”


Dubai… A city for the planets billionaires eh? 🤔

Me? I’m not into all that fancy shit… I’m happy enough on horseback, or on a crosser in Iquitos… Training Krav Maga six times a week, throwing around some weights in a garage… But if I’m right (which I am)… We’re talking about the planets first trillionaires.

A discovery that will create more billionaires and millionaires than at any other point in history.


Hello Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Sim City building Rashid al Maktoum. 😁

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