Heath Ledger’s Joker is ex CIA! (Maybe not even ‘ex’)

“I know a bat shit crazy intel officer when I see one, and that is the most bat shit crazy intel officer I’ve ever seen… Literally bat shit crazy in this case!”


They are the greatest movies of all time πŸ˜†… And The Dark Knight is the mack daddy of the three.

I’m not the first to suggest Heath Ledger’s ‘Joker’ is a military veteran of some kind…

I’m saying he’s ex CIA black ops, declared dead or MIA… That’s the reason the US Government stay the fuck out of it in The Dark Knight πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

(or watching from the sidelines)

Unlike in The Dark Knight Rises (which Ledger was suppose to return for), which starts with the CIA epically fucking up, openly monitoring and attempting to prevent the events unfolding Gotham City.

πŸ€” Maybe he’s not even ex CIA! πŸ˜†πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

(the whole events of The Dark Knight are a CIA psy-op)

The Joker in The Dark Knight was a CIA Counter-Terrorism Agent Gone Rogue


After watching the Dark Knight a few times, I couldn’t help but to think about the character that would explain who the Joker was, and why he was able to pull off these elaborate schemes. To me, it is quite clear that he was a counter Terrorism agent who had been betrayed, left for dead, who survived some “Bad Day”, only to find some Nietzsche-like insight, and in his madness decided to share it with the world.

Key Points to watch: – Jokers Make Up: War Paint? yes. A counter-Terrorist would be well versed in making people fearful to hamper their effectiveness in battle. They would have studied blue painted celts, and other examples of costumed terrorist acts (Boston Tea Party?). Such an agent would also appreciate it in how Batman utilizes his costume to strike fear into criminals.

  • The Joker’s Language: He uses the word jurisdiction. Only law enforcement types use that word regularly. He also uses other words, and phrases if you pay attention.
  • Bomb making experience: The joker knows a lot about remote bombs, the kind of knowledge that one only gets if trained in it. Like a counter Terrorism agent might be.

-The Joker knows how to blend in, and how to make a scene when he wants. He knows how to cause a distraction, and plans for them. A counter terrorist agent that would have to drop into enemy territory and seem non threatening, would definitely know how to do this. Look at how he talks in the movie, almost kind of disarming at first, kind of neurotic, relaxed body language, until he wants fear, then he quickly kills someone, changing his demeanor into a more intense vibe.

A Counter-Terrorist Agent doesn’t really exist: Governments do not acknowledge agents working covertly (Okay, forget Plame,) so as to have plausible deny ability if they get caught or the mission fails. This could explain why no one has a record of the Joker via background checks. Sure, he has no finger prints, but he has blood, Teeth, Hair, DNA. But as an agent, all of these things could be hidden except for the highest security clearance.

Compartmentalization: The Joker hides his plans in compartments so that they never get pieced together and thwarted before he acts. This type of thinking is part and parcel of what a counter intelligence agent would be trained in. This explains the bank heist, and his other schemes. It also might explain how he gets people to follow him. He creates different stories for different thugs in his gang. This allows him to manipulate them to work for someone has seemingly crazy. If they think they know the truth, they feel better thinking the boss is fooling everyone else.

All of this raises another fan theory: Was the Joker a counter-terrorist agent gone rogue, or was he still a counter-terrorist agent sent by the president? If the leader of the free world know of a vigilante (Batman) who was running free in a major city, using state of the art equipment, would they see this person as a possible, future threat?

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