5 Hasidic Jews stabbed in machete attack on rabbi’s house & synagogue during Hanukkah celebrations in Monsey, NY

This is why I’ve told my Krav Maga (and Self Defence) instructors, my aim is to become one the top self defence experts in the world within ten years.

Machete attacks? WHAT THE FUCK HAVE I BEEN SAYING FOR THE PAST FEW YEARS! What have I been doing for the past year?

My last Krav Maga lesson of 2019 was machete threat (after screaming at my instructor for over a year)… I’ve perfected machete attacks down to a science.

The Hussain Bolt option

The Indiana Jones option (my personal favourite)

The ‘big black woman throws a table’ option (table, chair, any defensive object within the immediate vicinity)

If none of the above options are available for whatever reason (closed space, loved ones to protect)… You have to know the most effective method to disarm someone wielding one of the most terrifying weapons I can possibly imagine.

I’ve covered it relentlessly. I’m telling KMG instructors that what is on the syllabus (at Expert level) is not good enough.

Five stabbed in ‘machete attack’ at rabbi’s home in New York

Sunday 29 Dec 2019 8:48 am

Five people have been stabbed in a suspected machete attack during a Hanukkah celebration in upstate New York.

According to local reports, a man with his face covered by a scarf, pulled out a machete and started attacking the victims at the home of a rabbi.

Police said the suspect fled in a vehicle after the attack at around 10pm in Monsey, a town an hour north of New York City.

Ramapo Police Chief Brad Weidel said hours later that New York City police had located a vehicle and possible suspect.

He said the five people were taken to hospital for treatment, but the extent of their injuries was not clear.

Officers would not immediately confirm whether anyone was in custody.

The attack appeared to be the latest in a string targeting Jews in the region, including a massacre at a kosher grocery store in New Jersey earlier this month.

Top state officials, including Governor Andrew Cuomo and Attorney General Leticia James, released statements condemning the attack.

Photos and videos posted on Twitter showed a large emergency response with paramedics running and pushing stretchers.

The Anti-Defamation League of New York and New Jersey says it was also aware of the reports and was at the scene in Monsey.

The Orthodox Jewish Public Affairs Council for the Hudson Valley region tweeted reports that the stabbings took place at the house of a Hasidic rabbi while they were celebrating Hanukkah.

Several state and local officials described the location of the stabbing as a synagogue. The rabbi’s home is next door to a synagogue.

Saturday was the seventh night of Hanukkah.

Governor Cuomo called the stabbings a ‘cowardly act’ and directed the State Police hate crimes task force to investigate the attacks.

He said: ‘Let me be clear: anti-Semitism and bigotry of any kind are repugnant to our values of inclusion and diversity and we have absolutely zero tolerance for such acts of hate.

‘In New York we will always stand up and say with one voice to anyone who wishes to divide and spread fear: you do not represent New York and your actions will not go unpunished.’

Authorities have not provided a motive for the attack.

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