Benjamin Netanyahu’s son calls for British diplomats to be expelled from Israel

😂🤣 … Why don’t you deny Prince Charles entry? Or detain him?

(this is a guy who had to get his mummy to murder his ex wife)

And I would recommend Scotland!

Benjamin Netanyahu’s son calls for British diplomats to be expelled from Israel

‘God willing you guys will be kicked out soon,’ Yair Netanyahu tells UK consulate

Benjamin Netanyahu with his son Yair in 2015
Benjamin Netanyahu with his son Yair in 2015 ( AFP/Getty )

Benjamin Netanyahu’s son has called for British diplomats to be “kicked out” of Israel over a reference to the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

The prime minister’s middle child, Yair, made the comment in response to an announcement that Prince Charles was making his first visit to the area in January.

“God willing you guys will be kicked out of Israel soon,” the 28-year-old tweeted. ”Until then I’m thinking of visiting the occupied lands of Scotland or Wales, which do you recommend?”

He explained his comment by saying that the British consulate in Jerusalem “pretends to be the embassy to the non-existing country of ‘Palestine’.”

Mr Netanyahu also went on to complain that “Northern Ireland is recognised as part of Britain by the entire world” and “nobody disputes Britain sovereignty there and claims it belong to the Republic of Ireland”. 

It follows a series of outspoken comments which has seen Yair Netanyahu compared to Donald Trump’s sons Eric and Donald Trump Jr.

Last year he clashed with Facebook after posting that he would “prefer it” if all Muslims left Israel and suggested “avenging the deaths” of two Israeli soldiers who were killed by Palestinian gunmen.

When the posts were deleted by moderators, Mr Netanyahu republished them and criticised the social media giant as “thought police”. He was then banned from the website for 24 hours.

He has also been criticised over a tape recording in which he was heard making disparaging comments about women, boasting to friends about soliciting prostitutes and soliciting cash from the son of a prominent Israeli tycoon.

His father has been charged with bribery, fraud and breach of trust but has secured the support of his party, Likud, ahead of Israel’s unprecedented third election in 12 months.

Israel’s longest-serving prime minister has refused to step down and has repeatedly claimed he is the victim of a politically motivated “witch-hunt”.

The Foreign Office has been approached for comment. 

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