Explanation of Anomalous Combustion of Brown’s Gas Using Dr. Mills’ Hydrino Theory

I’m not the only one who’s seen the connection! 😃… Hiroshi Yamamoto

Some bright spark at Fresno State asked the same question! Is hydrino energy an explanation for the anomalies of Browns Gas?

What you can do with Brown’s Gas is fuck people’s cars right up! 😆 It essentially just melts the body work… Local police have absolutely no idea what to do, how to investigate it, where to even start… 😂🤣

Explanation of Anomalous Combustion of Brown’s Gas Using Dr. Mills’ Hydrino Theory 1999-01-3325

There are several anomalous combustion phenomena that cannot be explained by current theories. One of them is the stoichiometric mixture of hydrogen and oxygen, known as Brown’s gas. Dr. Randell Mills developed “hydrino” theory starting in 1986 that can explain excess heat in the absence of nuclear products in the research of cold fusion. It was applied to explain this anomalous combustion, by replacing potassium ion with atomic oxygen. It was found out that hydrino theory can explain this anomalous combustion phenomenon including abnormal heat generation from combustion of emulsified fuels. It was suggested that this technology can be utilized for the improvement of future internal combustion engines.

Brown’s Gas Articles and Photos

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Although this is not new, this link www.svpvril.com/svpweb9.html is a treasure of information about Brown’s Gas.


A process which develops a “gas” from ordinary water invented by Yull Brown (originally a Bulgarian citizen who escaped to Turkey during communism time and later moved to Australia) and now deceased. The water is converted into a completely safe compressed stochimetric hydrogen and oxygen mixture. The flame of this gas under the right lighting conditions, normally almost transparently colorless, can be seen to possess a small blue cone, as it emits from a torch, with a longer, pale red-blue extension. Within its overall sheath are several distinct regions called “mantles”. The most unusual property of the flame is that it is not formed as a set of explosions, as are ordinary flames, but as a set of implosions. Read more 

Brown’s Gas Presentations

George Wiseman (www.eagle-research.com), British Columbia, Canada

Mircho Tabakov, Gorni Bogrov, Bulgaria

Brown’s Gas Presentation, 1996

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