Right then peado Britain…

You WILL support Israel and the Jewish people

You WILL recognise Jerusalem as the eternal capital of Israel

You will recognise Judea and Samaria as part of Israel

You WILL support us in a war against Iran

Thankyou and fuck off, you sick little deranged bunch of fucking nonces!

(America can do it what it likes with this pathetic collapsed empire)

2 thoughts on “Right then peado Britain…”

  1. Haver. Se ra ma she nutnyahu osse. It’s bad what nutnyahu does.


    don’t be a munchhead sudojudo sudojew.

    there ain’t no “god” or no evil would ever have appened. idiot!

    then, nutnyahu makes war by tryina illegally annex westbank and gaza.

    ARE ya INSANE in that point.

    ok, us to can also quite fight. bring it uhn. then I am rabin and you the MF.

    then no jews anymore ever, haha. period. hail! 🙂


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