Dubai EXPO 2020

How can I walk away from this? HOW COULD ANYONE WALK AWAY FROM THIS!

The greatest scientific discovery in human history, the power of the stars in our hands…

Abundant, clean, extraordinary energy source derived from the hydrogen atom, the identity of dark matter… Chemicals, compounds, materials never before witnessed by humankind, unimaginable qualities… Molecular and drug design, DNA and genetics… The beginnings of anti-gravity propulsion, real conscious self aware artificial intelligence… The unification of space, time and gravity… A blueprint on how to progress to Stage I of an intergalactic civilisation…

We going fucking Star Trek with this!

You either sit down and discuss this with me as adults, allow me in to the game, let me play my part… … Or you lose.

(If MI6 want to play, they send me their hottest female operative… If CIA want to play, they do it discreetly and without the stupid American accent, the top people from Langley, Russia need to show me something… Otherwise me and Mossad are going to be sat there thinking “we’ve just played them all”)

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