Israel joins the quantum club… :(

“Israel, Israel, Israel… Quantum THEORETICIANS have been making these claims for decades, best part of a century, and they’ve never amounted to shit… You know why? Because it’s all a fucking fantasy world to them!”

Quantum is for mentally ill, borderline schizophenic, fantasists that have given up on attempting to describe or even discover reality… It’s not for Israel and not for the Jewish people! šŸ˜‚šŸ¤£

Israel joins the quantum club

Google quantum computer component

2 Dec, 2019 13:49 Uri Berkovitz

In a five-year, government-sponsored program, Israel will focus on quantum science and technological applications.

Two weeks after it was revealed that the government might invest NIS 1-2 billion in development of artificial intelligence technology, it has now been revealed that the government has already approved investment in another national technological project – quantum computing. A report by the committee that discussed the matter and finished its work many months ago states that the state should invest NIS 1.25 billion over five years, although the investment mentioned when the committee began its work was only NIS 300 million.

While the original NIS 300 million proposal involved only academic institutions, the committee eventually formulated a national program to promote quantum technologies for all sections of the local ecosystem, senior sources informed about the matter told “Globes.” Publication of the report has so far been delayed because it is waiting for approval by a new government.

The national quantum project is designed to prepare Israel for the next revolution in computing. The idea is not to develop a quantum computer. Since the investment required in order to develop a quantum computer will probably amount to billions of dollars, only countries like China and the US and huge companies like Alibaba of China, Google, and IBM are working on this. A dispute recently arose over Google’s announcement that the company had achieved what it called “quantum supremacy,” meaning that the quantum computer that it developed had performed computing tasks of which no ordinary computer was capable. Israel is planning to focus its investment on progress in quantum science and innovative technological applications based on it.

Among the most prominent capabilities that quantum science will make possible are advanced encryption capabilities, alongside code-breaking capability using existing technology, and complex simulations that are impossible at present even on the fastest super-computers. These simulations can be used for scientific and financial forecasting and for engineering new materials. Another sphere is quantum sensors, for example development of sensors with faster and more precise performance than GPS technology.

The committee’s report states, “At the end of the extensive work carried out, the committee’s conclusion on this matter is unequivocal: there is a critical need for Israel to initiate a national research and development program in quantum science and technology. Israel has the possibility and opportunity to be a leading country is certain areas, with an advantage over others. The existence of a national program in quantum science and technologies is critical for making Israel strong, and will contribute to enriching academic research, expanding the industrial base, generating substantial economic opportunities, and dramatically advancing Israeli security capabilities.”

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